EasyAcc Portable Solar Charger for Recharging Devices

EasyAcc is a well-known company of external batteries that has managed to gain a large share of the market with products that have a relationship very tempting for money. Today we are here to review an EasyAcc 28W portable solar charger and provide a coupon code for you. EasyAcc – Box and content The boxContinue reading “EasyAcc Portable Solar Charger for Recharging Devices”

Giveaway: EasyAcc 8000mAh Solar Charger with 32 LED Light

Solar charger becomes an essential part in camping list as the weather turns warmer and people go out more often. Here EasyAcc is giving away an 8000mAh solar charger for you! When you are indoors with a hungry smart phone, this power bank is able to automatically detect devices connected; then both ports can outputContinue reading “Giveaway: EasyAcc 8000mAh Solar Charger with 32 LED Light”

Top 5 Solar Chargers for iPhone

GPS, smartphone, and video camera, those are many sportsmen won’t leave without. These technological tools have their benefits and applications, but only as long as they have power, especially for your iPhone. Below are top 5 solar chargers for your iPhone when you are outdoor.   1. Brunton Explorer2 The Explorer2 is a true go-anywhere solarContinue reading “Top 5 Solar Chargers for iPhone”

Frequently asked questions about solar charger

How does a solar charger work? A solar charger converts solar energy into electricity through an electro-chemical process. The embedded solar panel gathers and stores energy to the solar charger’s internal battery. The stored energy can be then used to charge different 5V DC, USB-compatible devices, when necessary.   How to know that the mobileContinue reading “Frequently asked questions about solar charger”