EasyAcc U-Bright 9000mAh Power Bank Hot Deal

What’s #smashing today? As we all know, our smart electronics are not adjusted to bitter cold all the time. Their batteries could be consumed faster than that in normal temperatures. But the operations or procedures in daily life are all going the same day by day, handling with easy work, searching the internet, visiting the social media,Continue reading “EasyAcc U-Bright 9000mAh Power Bank Hot Deal”

It’s Proved That More Power Could Be Better

What’s #smashing today? When you’re on the go and need a little extra power for a dying phone, a fading tablet, or a weary camera, carrying extra batteries is prudent, but it takes up space and you need one battery for every devices. An external battery pack lets you carry one gadget that can charge up anythingContinue reading “It’s Proved That More Power Could Be Better”

9.9.2014, More than New Apple Released

What’s #smashing today? On the occasion of Apple unveiling its new products series, have you think a little more about its matched accessories? Or you are just a follower after the event? After all you all have engaged in so many times, haven’t you? Just calm down and think back for a moment, could you listContinue reading “9.9.2014, More than New Apple Released”

6 Awesome gadgets ranking #1 on Amazon that will make your life easier

  If you are still struggling with which brand or which model of the product you intend to buy, maybe you would listen to and follow the advice from friends or someone you trust. Maybe you would just search the shopping site and scan the corresponding comments. Maybe you would just select and pick out theContinue reading “6 Awesome gadgets ranking #1 on Amazon that will make your life easier”

Back to School Powerfully with 25% Off on Powerbank

What’s #Smashing today? As some of you are about to make a back-to-school list for returning college or uni, I would like to give an advice before you start. As a student, you would probably spend the whole day hanging around in the campus without going back home or dormitory during the day. What ifContinue reading “Back to School Powerfully with 25% Off on Powerbank”

ADVENTURE Gear’s recommendation

A Power Pack to Rule Them All. Whether you’re backpacking, traveling, experiencing a power outage or just commuting, a battery pack is crucial for keeping your device recharged and running for the long haul. When I know there’s a chance I won’t be near a power outlet for a while, a battery backup makes itContinue reading “ADVENTURE Gear’s recommendation”

Revving Up Your Summer with EasyAcc

Hoo~ It’s the summer time once again and let’s bravo together. In this season, we are vigorous. In this season, we are sexy and cool. In this season, we release our passion. And in this season, we embrace the nature to the full. Sometimes, we’ll go to the sunny beach and enjoy the sunbath with love girlfriends.Continue reading “Revving Up Your Summer with EasyAcc”