6 Awesome gadgets ranking #1 on Amazon that will make your life easier



If you are still struggling with which brand or which model of the product you intend to buy, maybe you would listen to and follow the advice from friends or someone you trust. Maybe you would just search the shopping site and scan the corresponding comments. Maybe you would just select and pick out the suitable product at the first impression. Of course, if you are an honest Amazon fan, maybe you can input the product name firstly and then refer to the ranks  provided by Amazon based on the related data integration and analysis.  No matter which way you choose, it is still advisable.

As one of the numerous Amazon sellers, EasyAcc, since its foundation and operation, has devoted himself to providing various but premium quality products at fair price to the  customers all over the world and endeavored to make their life simpler and easier, though there is still a long way for us to go forward and great space for us to make efforts. Eventually, after a long-standing efforts, we’ve surpassed other brands and products and achieved the best-selling awards for 6 products on Amazon’s Germany at least. Certainly, we can not depart it from the great support of EasyAcc fans, not only in Germany, but around the world. Thanks for your encouragement and companion. soggiorno-studio

The awarded 6 products are Xtra 12,000mAh Power Bank with 4 USB Ports, Brilliant 10,000mAh Ultra-slim Power Bank Series, Green Solar Charger Panel Pack Bag with Built-in USB Cable, Mini-Cannon Wireless Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker (Silver and Titanium Black) and Portable Mobile Wireless Water-proof Doorbell with LED Display respectively. Absolutely, some of you are familiar with them and have a good user experience. Or maybe some of you have chosen similar products of other brands and models. It’s just alright and we just wanna make your life different but easier from what it was.

crosstrail4Among the awarded products, there are 3 power banks generally, from which we could further get to know that how important the mobile power means to us in such a digital time, from smartphones to laptops. If the digital device makes us access to the world, then the power bank makes us access to the world with no break, no matter what you are engaging in, working, studying, camping, hiking or something else. With the two giant power banks of model 12,000mAh and 10,000mAh, it is so easy to energize most of the phones for up to 5 times at least, with no worry about your devices going flat. Additionally, the allocated charging ports make your gadgets or your friends’ available to fed with full juice simultaneously at full speed. No more hassles to carry spare clumsy chargers once again and say goodbye to the wall-huggers huddling around power outlets. Wherever you go, EasyAcc would be around you powerfully.

While referring to the third “power bank”, or maybe solar charger precisely, it could be regarded as the Easy innovation different from the traditional power banks. Following the call and trend of being green and environmentally-friendly, we’ve made an initial attempt and meanwhile we’ve succeeded, better proof that our choice was right. Where there is sunshine, there is green power. EasyAcc green solar panel is just your green identity. With scientific idea and complex design, yet the operation is simple enough, that is, putting your gadget into the attached small pocket and connecting with the power cable. Then, you and your gadgets get the green energy all the time. Pack it up and enjoy the natural and easy life.20140402134807_19147

Next, we would go to the EasyAcc Mini-Cannon Multi-Function Bluetooth speaker. If you are still troubled with the low volume and bad quality of laptops and earache for wearing earphone for long time, the small gadget would be your savior. If you are a music addict, just choose the favorite songs and connect to the Bluetooth function, then the resonant music flows into the air; music or movie share with friends indoor or outdoor is just the happy but easy life we promise to you and emphasize all the time. What’s more, its small size allows you to pack it up or take it into bags wherever you are.  Just savor the every music moment with EasyAcc. QQ截图20140815152559

Lastly, the handy doorbell comes to your choices. Designed with up to 100 meter range, you won’t miss any visitor wherever you are, at home, in the office, in factories, in the tourism sector or in skyscrapers. Distinguished from the monotonic tone, EasyAcc doorbell has enriched to 36 different ring tones with 24 diverse styles. Doorbell also can light up your normal life. Moreover, its chargeable and portable and water-proof properties would make you move to anywhere with no more hesitation. EasyAcc, make you access to super life easier.6

Great product, Great value and Great service are what we have promised at the first beginning. No matter what we have achieved and what we would be, the point will never change, same as the 6 products awarded best-seller in Amazon’s Germany, there would be more and more best-selling EasyAcc products engaged in your simple and easy life.







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  1. Why isn’t the door chime listed on your product page?

    We bought one of the door chimes, but lost the push button… is there a way to buy a replacement button?


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