9.9.2014, More than New Apple Released


What’s #smashing today?

On the occasion of Apple unveiling its new products series, have you think a little more about its matched accessories? Or you are just a follower after the event? After all you all have engaged in so many times, haven’t you? Just calm down and think back for a moment, could you list some examples that there is no digital device with no corresponding accessories? The answer would be NO with no doubt lol. The popularization of power bank is just a good example.

And here, no more words, we just wanna recommend some products to you, for better enjoy the new iPhone and broader application in your daily life.

This first recommendation, undoubtedly, comes to our featured power bank — EasyAcc iChoc 5000mAh Ultra Slim External Battery Charger with Built-in Apple 8-pin Lightning Connector Cable. If you are still expecting there is something innovation on new iPhone’s battery life, we think you’d better get such a powerful accessory to pack up your new iPhone. Designed with 5000mAh capacity, your gadget would be charged twice with full juice away from an outlet; even plus an Android, there would make no difference in your charging speed. Moreover, its built-in charging cable allows you to be connected to this power station whenever you need. Never worry about having no suitable cables around any more.

NOW the versatile, super thin and convenient power bank is available with 30% discount in UK, USA and Germany. Why not click the following links right now?

1Amazon UK (Code: RQHPXIGG)


Amazon US (Code: 54VS6ML5)


Amazon Germany (Code: 4C7OS3SU)


Then, let’s have a look on the leather case and screen protector. In real-life use, there are great possibility that you new iPhone would happen to scratches and drops. I would feel so pity when imagining these abuse happenings. So, extra protection is indeed necessary and important.

Here, perfectly modeled with iPhone6, the leather case would add extra layers of protection to keep your phone looking fresh and reduce some or your stress. And the interior and exterior craftsmanship would work together to take the shock out of drops. Also, with strong magnetic closure, the case would not be opened easily while in your bag.

If you don’t like to add extra layers to this ultra-thin smartphone, at least, you need prepare screen protector for it, don’t you? As the screen protector has a light transmittance of up to 99% and uses an OCA layer that would show the actual colors on your screen as well as prevents glare and the rainbow effect.

Although you’ll have to buy the new iPhone ten days later after the publication conference, you could still get them for back-up with lowest price on amazon. So, why not shopping on Amazon EasyAcc now?

Leather Case

Screen Protector

Last we comes to a popular car charger. If you think it has limited to iPhone5, you are totally wrong. Once there is no power left in your external power bank, you could also plug it in and use USB cable to connect your iPhone6 to it. That’s just such easy and convenient. Just as what we have described about this product, whenever and wherever, you and your phone are on the way. And at the moment, you could still take it and match your iPhone6 with lowest price on Amazon. No hesitation, more juice for your devices on the way. 51gyrLVYRDL._SL1500_

Only £7.99 on Amazon UK


Only $9.99 on Amazon US


Only EUR 9,99 on Amazon Germany


September is full of surprise and expectation, isn’t it? Grasp it and don’t let it slip with none. We are always there, and try to make your life easier.




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    1. Hello William, those gadgets above are really something awesome to expect. You could also get one with great price now;)


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