EasyAcc U-Bright 9000mAh Power Bank Hot Deal


What’s #smashing today?

As we all know, our smart electronics are not adjusted to bitter cold all the time. Their batteries could be consumed faster than that in normal temperatures. But the operations or procedures in daily life are all going the same day by day, handling with easy work, searching the internet, visiting the social media, watching the videos, listening to the music, etc. Wanna more potentials among these daily operations with such a short battery life, what should we do? Definitely, there are much more solutions to this problem, but the easiest and the most convenient way is to taking along an external battery pack. But so many power banks brand around Amazon and eBay, how to choose the right one? Here, EasyAcc, an international electronic accessories provider covering power banks, home and office chargers, Bluetooth gadgets, protectors for smartphones and tablets and so on, could be a trustworthy brand for your choosing. And today’s smashing recommendation would absolutely meets your requirements about a power bank: premium quality at the lowest price.

EasyAcc U-Bright 9000mAh portable power bank is featured with dual USB ports for loading two smartphones full juice simultaneously at the same time or charging an iPad to full energy while saving over 50% time compared with your normal charging. Once connected to charge, the LED twinkles to show your the charging indication and how much energy left. No matter what the charging ports or charging speeds are, the U-Bright is your better choice.

So what about the charging time when to charge up the U-Bright? Designed with the 5V 2.0A input, it just takes you 4.5 hours to full capacity, saving 60% time while charging other similar-capacity external batteries. Only 4.5 hours while making more potentials for your work, for your entertainment, for your life, why not?

At the same time, the U-Bright is allocated with a LED flashlight could emit 40-50 lumina within seconds, while cutting through the dark, giving you safe and power in the dark as the same.

No matter what part of a power bank you refer to, the U-Bright could meet you, and serve you at the best price.

Now, while entering TG8006TG at checkout, you will get €6 offhttp://www.amazon.de/dp/B00H963GWC from 9:00 p.m. 13/01/15 to 11:59 p.m. 19/01/15.

No hesitation. More possibilities.


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