GadgetViper: EasyAcc 4,000mAh Portable Power Bank Review

EasyAcc PB4000CB Power Bank 4000 mAh – Full Review

Many of the popular small capacity PowerBanks are cylindrical in shape (like a tube of Smarties). I personally think the optimal design should be the same as the phone itself.  This way, the phone and the charger can be placed together with a minimal amount of extra space required. The EasyAcc Power Bank has absolutely nailed this concept. in fact it’s shape is so much like a Smartphone that it could easily be mistaken for one.

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As you can from the photos above, the integrated USB cable cleverly detaches at both ends. This allows you to charge your phone or use the same cable to recharge the device. For anyone with an Android / Windows based phone, there is no need to for any other charging cables.  iPhone users however, will still need to have a lightning cable or a little micro USB to lightning adapter.

The EasyAcc PowerBank recharges quickly even from a PC’s USB port and charges your phone even faster, thanks to it’s 2A max output. There are 4 pin sized LED indicator lights to display the remaining charge in increments of 25%.  These cleverly display for a few seconds when you tap the device. I really like this feature, it keeps the charger button free and uncluttered.

EasyAcc PB4000CB Power Bank 4000 mAh – Testing

I usually don’t spend as much time with a product before I write the review as I have with this particular PowerBank.  With my two young boys currently enjoying their school holidays, it’s been a bit of a juggling act, as I’m sure most parents can relate/sympathise with.

Taking the children out for the day has afforded me the opportunity to make good use of this EasyAcc Power Bank.  Once they’re off on an adventure, whether its the park, beach or some ear-splitting softplay  – out comes my phones.  This is a great way to kill time, but also a great way to kill the battery.

Having this lightweight and ultra thin PowerBank with me has become almost a necessity. I always do the pre-departure pat down before leaving –  Keys, Wallet, Phone.  Now, however I find myself doing the extended version – Keys, Wallet, Phone, PowerBank.

t’s nice to be able to leave the house regardless of how low the phone battery is and know I’m not going to have to spend the majority of the day in battery saver mode.

EasyAcc PB4000CB Power Bank 4000 mAh – Verdict

The EasyAcc PB4000CB has proved to be the perfect day to day top up charger for me.  The 4000 mAh capacity gives it enough juice to double your phones life without having to compromise on comfort. It’slightweight ultra slim design and integrated charging cable make this PowerBank just right for anyone looking to add a little extra juice to their phone whilst on the move.

As always, EasyAcc have made a solid portable phone charger and still managed to keep the price exceptionally low, at under $10 it’s an absolute bargain!

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