Solar Panel for Adventure Travelers: EasyAcc Solar Panel Review

solarpanel2What do you do when you’re in the middle of nowhere and don’t have an outlet or an external battery? You use your solar panel.

Solar panels seem to be disregarded as futuristic, complex and expensive gadgets for geeks with stacks of cash to burn. That’s not the case for the EasyAcc solar panel, which costs $27 and is as simple as putting the panel in the sun and plugging your phone in.

The EasyAcc panel can be folded to save space and is lightweight, weighing 12 ounces. It’s really something you would want to travel with if you have extra space and are planning on doing long treks or traveling to places without electricity. In this day and age, electricity on demand is crucial since you’re going to need it if you use a phone, camera and pretty much everything.

Most comparable solar panels cost much more than the EasyAcc panel, like the Goal Zero solar panels. They probably just have nicer packaging.

The panel has a single output cable for charging your USB powered devices. It also weighs 12 ounces, making it easy to carry around in your backpack. If the sunlight is strong enough, you may be able to charge an iPad.

For more efficiency, make sure your panel faces the sunlight directly.solarpanel1

Here’s the author experiences of charging his iPhone 4s with the panel in New York:

  • Noon: full, strong and hot sunlight from directly above – 50% in 40 mins
  • Evening: still bright outside, outside temperature mid 60s, sun shining from an almost 90° angle – 1% of battery in 12 minutes
  • Night: dark outside – 0% of battery in ∞ minutes
  • Indoors – artificial light on, no natural light – 0% of battery in ∞ minutes
  • Inside a car – from the passenger seat of a tinted windowed car, full, strong and hot sunlight outside – 1% of battery in around 30 minutes

Undoutedly, any solar panel requires optimal condidtions for charging.

All in all, the EasyAcc solar panel is an easy to use and lightweight solar panel, perfect for adventure travelers and campers going off the grid. Just make sure you have an ample amount of sunlight, and you’ll be good to go.



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