It’s Proved That More Power Could Be Better


What’s #smashing today?

When you’re on the go and need a little extra power for a dying phone, a fading tablet, or a weary camera, carrying extra batteries is prudent, but it takes up space and you need one battery for every devices. An external battery pack lets you carry one gadget that can charge up anything you plug it into. It’s useful when you’re burning through battery life very quickly, like during long days at a trade show/ conference or long-fights across whole oceans or continents. It’ll add precious hours to the life of a 10-inch iPad or keep a handful of smaller gadgets up and running.

If you’re looking for something to carry in your pocket or purse every day in case your phone needs a little juice before you get home. There are smaller, lighter packs for those purposes in EasyAcc. And today’s recommendation is about our newly released Brilliant Aluminum Alloy 10400 mAh Dual USB Portable Power Bank. 

As we’ve figured: the More Power, the Better. The new innovation is packed with 10400 mAh of juice, enough to prolong your battery life multiple times wherever you are. Or it can charge an iPhone 6 about 4.5 times, an iPhone 5s 61Ag1tGux0L._SL1000_up to 6 times, a Galaxy S5 around 3 times, and an iPad mini 2 with full energy one time at least.

Just because the PB10400C packs a punch, it doesn’t mean it can’t look nice. Our designers went with a smooth, Mazarin Blue/ Black aluminum alloy finish to keep you touching with no finger print but traveling in style.  Simple, unobtrusive features, such as one-touch status LEDs and dual USB, give you everything you need out of battery withous sacrificing aesthetics.

With such massive capacity, in such a compact but stylish package, the EasyAcc 10400 mAh is perfect for flights, road trips, or just any time you’re away from an power outlet.

51btR5qsAzL._SL1000_ 30% off with the code TG8002TG on

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Small amount available on Amazon store, hurry to snap one either for yourself or your family and friends.

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    1. Hello Will, thanks for your loving on our new release. And for the discount, it works only for the black one, not available for the blue one. You could have another try:)


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