Best Car Charger for Samsung Galaxy S8


People may find it necessary to equip the car with a car charger so as to refresh electric devices at any time. In this article, 4 best car chargers are listed for charging Samsung Galaxy S8.


1. EasyAcc 34W 6.8A 2-Port Car Charger
This car charger provides you with a separate micro-USB cord plus two normal USB ports. With the multiple ports, you can charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 together with other devices. Besides, the smart charge technology applied enables you to charge your devices at the maximum speed. Another feature that you’ll appreciate is that it charges safely—-it is certified by CE, RoHS, and FCC and is protected with multi-circuit protection system.
Click here to see how it works.


2. Anker 50W/10A 5-Port Car Charger
Five ports is actually not the most special thing for this car charger, what really makes it recommendable is the fast-charging ability.Exclusive to Anker, PowerIQ and VoltageBoost have combined to ensure the fastest possible charge—-up to 10A or 2.4Aper port. Such a fast speed is to the taste of those who hate to wait for too long. Additionally, surge protection, temperature control and other advanced safety features of this car charger enables you to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 safely.


3. Belkin Road Rockstar Car Charger
This car charger has a cable of 6-foot long, and it provides you with 4 ports: two for front, another two for backseat. Thanks to the extending USB hub, people who sit on the back seats can charge their devices conveniently. As to charging ability, the front ones charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 and other devices at optimum speed with shared 2.4A and the backseat ones at 2.4A per port. The charging ability is as strong as Anker 50W/10A 5-Port car charger mentioned above,and the extending USB hub is even more surprising for us.
Click here to see how it charges devices of backseat.

4. Scosche USB C242M Car Charger
The Scosche USB C242M car charger provides only two ports, which is less than other car chargers in this list. This is a shortage of it because fewer devices can be charged simultaneously.However, its overall functions will cover this shortage. First, the dual 12W USB ports give you the fastest charging speed possible and thus save your time. Moreover, since the USB ports enables are illuminated, you will find it easier to plug in your charging cable in darkness. Additionally, besides charging Samsung Galaxy S8, it is also compatible with iPad, iPhone, speakers, Bluetooth headsets and other devices.

Well, above are the 4 best car chargers for your Samsung Galaxy S8. Each one is special and has its own highlights. Just choose the coolest one in your mind and share it with your friends!


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