How to Choose a Car Charger for iPad?


There’s nothing worse than running out of your iPad battery after a long drive, even though iPad basically can support a huge battery we still need to charge it on the go at most inopportune times, car chargers make charging be available and easier when you are driving or in a road trip. How to choose a car charger for iPad?

Most car chargers are designed for multiple devices, especially the multi-ports car charger has to consider the compatibility for all kinds of products, picking the right one for your iPad is a lesson to learn before you buy it. 


First of all we need to figure out how much Ampere iPad need to be charged by standard. As we all know, an iPad generally requires a charger which is capable of supplying 2.1 Amps at a voltage of no less than 4.97 V at the charger connector (iPad 4 and above, iPad Air include a 2.4 amp charger. The iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch all come with a 1 amp charger). Failure to supply this amount of current at the right voltage will extend the amount of time required to charge the iPad battery. Therefore, it’s quite important to make sure the car charger for iPad is rated for 2.4 Ampere.

What if you want to charge other device with the power charger for car? For instance, charge your phone, is 2.4 Amp too high to charge a 1 Amp rated phone? In fact you don’t need to worry about it. There is a built in system in most of smartphones and tablets, which draws a specific amount of current for charging. So if your device needs 1 Ampere and you use a 2 Ampere car charger, it won’t do any effect on the charging speed because this built in system will only draw the current, it needs.

In a word, go with the higher amp car charger for iPad. High Amps won’t hurt your iPad Mini or your iPhone, but low Amp won’t be enough for your iPad. 

We’ve made a list of car chargers for iPad for your reference.

1.EasyAcc 34W 6.8A 2-Port Car Charger with Coiled Micro USB Cable

This car charger is able to charge up to 3 devices with 2 USB outputs and a built-in micro USB cable, both output ports can provide the exact current for your devices thanks to the smart technology applied. The impressive 34W 6.8A overall output power makes charging faster and easier. The product is certified by CE, RoHS, and FCC and protected with multi-circuit protection system, so you don’t need to worry about the safety risk.


2. Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

Aother option with a built-in Lightning cable, Anker’s car charger can quickly charge your iPad as well. Along with technology to prevent short circuits, Anker also designed the PowerDrive to protect from surges and overheating.


3.Aukey 4.8A Dual Port USB Car Charger

This charger sports two 2.4 Amp USB ports which  enables you to charge two tablets or phones at full speed simultaneously. It’s designed with small size and sophisticated protection circuit.


Final Tips

As more and more consumers are eager to obtain high battery capacity devices, iPad tends to be developed with strong battery and efficient charging system, faster charging means higher charging current, in order to meet the possible high current needs, go with the higher amp car charger for iPad.


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