How to Choose Mobile Charger for Car


With advanced electronic devices, our life undoubtedly has been more and more colorful. However, there comes a problem is that you can do nothing with a mobile phone drained out of juice. That’s why a mobile car charger becomes important in today’s life, especially for those travel a lot. In order to help you to buy a high quality car charger, this article aims to provide some suggestions on how to choose mobile charger for car and meanwhile recommend some top car chargers options for you.

How to Choose
There are many factors you should take into consideration when you decide to buy a mobile charger in the market. Some basic effects are listed as follow:


Compatible with both your vehicle and your devices
This is very essential for a car charger to be useful since there are various chargers in the market. It’s could be more wise for you to choose based on your specific requirements. For different types of chargers, you can choose universal chargers (suit for most devices), fast chargers (help charging more quick), or trickle chargers (allow calling while charging) for your preference.

Proper Amp Output
In case you are not just charge your mobile phone with the car charge, you are suggested to buy a charger with high Amp Output which enable you to charge for your laptop or tablet effectively. Under this consideration, you should choose a good charger with at least 2.1 Amps (2100mAh) per USB port.


Multiple USB Ports
A charger with multiple USB Ports serves you good when you have a road trip with you family members. To a large extent, you will free from the hindrance of waiting for charging because the single port is occupied.


Replaceable Charging Cable
A charger with a permanent cable sometimes can be raise your costs as cables are usually fragile if the original one failed you have to buy a brand new one. To cut down your cost, a charger with a replaceable charging cable is a better choice for you in case of the situation happened you can just change your cable.

Two Top Options


EasyACC 34W Car Charger
EasyAcc car charger is one of the considerable chargers which accord with most of the above conditions. Smart chips in 2 USB outputs detect and send the right current to your devices and compatible with both Android and Apple. It equips with 3 ports which meet you and your family’s requirement perfectly. Although EasyAcc comes with a built-in cable, its good 18 months warranty and guaranteed quality can enough free you from worrying about its fragility. Best of all, click the subtitle you can own one with only $9.89 on


Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger
Anker is another budget charger for your car which allows charging two devices at the same time and no special requirement for devices. Each port supplies 2.4Amps of juice well suitable to your tablets and smartphone. It comes with a handy body to avoid some unwanted knock ad crash. It not features a permanent cable so that you can replace it whenever your cable failed. You can click here to get more information.
Hope all the suggestions and options above mentioned can be help for you!


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