How to Recover from Spring Break

Friends, bright sunshine, beach, and party……in the past one week you have got endless amount of fun. Now, it’s time to jump into reality; your Spring Break has come to a close! You may end with an exhausted body and need a refresh from your vacation. Get some tips on how to recover from SpringContinue reading “How to Recover from Spring Break”

How to Take Photo in Spring Break

When speaking of Spring Break the first thing comes to your mind may be the delightful memories. With your mouth smile appearing into face naturally, all of your blueness will be far away. And for your better memorizing of these happy days, it is good to take some memorable photos. Here I will show youContinue reading “How to Take Photo in Spring Break”

Beaches for Spring Break

Spring Break—-one of the favorite holidays for college students—is coming! It’s a best time for you to have refreshment out of school throwing off all kinds of tiresome works. Why don’t you go to the beach! Sunbathing, surfing, joining a party, dancing night away and etc. you will definitely full of life again. Consider theContinue reading “Beaches for Spring Break”

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Spring Break 2017

If March comes, can Spring Break be far behind? It’s already March now! Have you worked out a plan for a special and memorable holiday? Well, I think you may need a close friend that plays music for you and company you all the leisure time—-a Bluetooth speaker! Following are some affordable recommendations. 1. MoktakContinue reading “Best Bluetooth Speaker for Spring Break 2017”

Spring Break—-Travel Bangkok list 2017

Blossoming March is coming, spring is singing, Spring Break is approaching! If you feel tortured because there are hundreds of things want to do and a list of places eager to go? Calm down! You should plan carefully for this week-holiday. Considering you may be tired of having parties on the beach and don’t wantContinue reading “Spring Break—-Travel Bangkok list 2017”

Best Places for Spring Break

When it comes to spring break, something exciting might boost into your mind and wake up your old memories with all kinds of craziness. Is it the fish and seaweed rosein the surging water? Is it the golden sunrise on a deserted beach;or amazing rafting in the swift; a challenging mountain-climbing with beloved people? WhateverContinue reading “Best Places for Spring Break”