Best Gadgets on Spring Break 2017

Are you preparing the plan for your spring break of 2017? Where do you want to go? What are the best things you need to take on your travel? Here are some necessary recommendations for your spring break.

1.Suitable clothes

Best Gadgets on Spring Break 2017 1

Different people feeling different to the same temperature. Pick the suitable clothes for yourself. You can check the weather of your destination one or two days before your travel.  If you go to the hot place, T-shirts and shorts are the best choices to take. If you want to stay cool to chose a cool place for this spring break, then you can’t miss coats and pants. Amounts of clothes depend on the amounts of your out days. Even you just go out for two or three days, you’d better take a suit of clothes in case accident happens.

2. Medicine

Best Gadgets on Spring Break 2017 2

Take the useful medicine with you. Take some medicine for carsickness, colds and diarrhea such common used drugs. Normally you think you wear a good pair of shoes, but due to rarely go so many roads, the result is grinding feet, then adhesive bandage can come in handy. There are many mosquitoes in the tropics, Anti-mosquitoes liquid can be carried. Increase or decrease the drug according to different destinations.

3. Power Bank

Best Gadgets on Spring Break 2017 3

When you are using your mobile phone to search for a destination or information, accidently your mobile run out of battery, what can you do at this moment? A powerful power bank would be the first choice to save the emergency. EasyAcc Quick Charge 3.0 20000mAh power bank is a good choice.  It can charge your devices up to 80% to compatible devices in 35 minutes, 4 times faster than normal power bank. The power bank stow a 20000mAh monster capacity. It charges an iPhone 7 6 times, or an iPad mini 3 times, on a single charge. Besides, it has a flashlight to help you in the dark. Take a power bank for spring break outing would help you a lot in many respects.

4. Personal Alarm

Best Gadgets on Spring Break 2017 4

You need to take a personal alarm especially you are alone at outside. It is small and convenient. Connect it to your keyring or backpack for fast access or hide it in your purse. Personal alarm would make loud scream when you use it, it is through the loud scream caused by the attention of people around, so you can get help. It is really a good emergency helper.

5. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Gadgets on Spring Break 2017 5

How can you spend your spring break without music? Relax time must always be with music!  The new release EasyAcc mini2 portable Bluetooth speaker is a good selection to company your spring break 2017. Featured with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, 10 hours of play time and capability to connect 2 devices at the same time. You can take it anywhere you go, there is no other better selection!


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