Cheap Bluetooth Speakers with Good Bass

Bluetooth speaker is the best solution to enhance the audio-visual effect, as long as you spend a small amount of money, you can enhance a grade of the sound wherever inside or outside the house. Of course, “spend a small amount of money” can only allow you to buy independent and small Bluetooth speakers, the large Bluetooth speaker has better sound, but much more expensive. But some cheap Bluetooth speakers also have good bass.

Cheap Bluetooth Speakers with Good Bass 1   

In fact, a small portable Bluetooth speaker is the most popular category of Bluetooth speakers. Do remember to figure whether the product has such as NFC, APTX additional features. NFC makes speaker match mobile phone more simple, APTX is a codec function, which can improve the quality of streaming audio.

In addition to NFC and APTX, battery life and waterproof are also factors to consider. In general, the battery life of portable Bluetooth speaker would be 8-10 hours or more at a time. If at the same time you are a music lover and outdoor enthusiast, then you must choose one with waterproof function.

Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920

Cheap Bluetooth Speakers with Good Bass 2

Main Features:

-Most cost-effective

-8 hours of battery life

-Aluminum surface

Although there are many Bluetooth speakers on the market, but to find cheap Bluetooth speakers with good bass is not easy. Cheap Bluetooth speakers often have poor sound quality, good Bluetooth speakers with better sound quality would be expensive.

Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920 is a standout, it is cheap but has a metal shell and loud, clear sound quality. Best of all, its small body also has a passive radiator.

In addition to amazing price, the ultra-clear, delicate treble is Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920d another advantage, and such advantages you only see the products that much expensive.


Cheap Bluetooth Speakers with Good Bass 3

Main Features:

-Waterproof function

-A variety of color options

-360-degree surround sound

The most suitable Bluetooth speaker for outdoor. UE BOOM 2 is the beast level among the Bluetooth speakers, its shape looks like a 600ml cup, the advantage is also the same as the sports cup.

Colors of UE BOOM 2 are gorgeous with waterproof function, so it is very suitable for outdoor. UE BOOM 2 shell with plastic, rubber and solid mesh fabric is different from those use metal to build the shell, more crash resistant than others.

Another advantage of UE BOOM 2 is loud, of course, it’s details of sound may not good as BOSE SoundLink Mini II, but this would be one of the most suitable Bluetooth speakers for outdoors.


Cheap Bluetooth Speakers with Good Bass 4

Main Features:

-13 hours battery life

-IPX4 level waterproof 

-7 drive units

There are many Bluetooth speakers have excellent sound quality, RIVA S is one of them. But in addition to sound quality, there are other special features of RIVA S, such as built-in three pronounciate drive units and four passive woofers.

Because of this, RIVA S allows users to enjoy the music easily. RIVA S fits those consumers who require higher quality.


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