How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speaker?

Since the popularity of smartphones and tablets lead great time to sell many peripheral products, including Bluetooth devices highly respected for its convenience. In recent years, Bluetooth speakers with lightning speed swept the entire audio market, music enthusiasts also spend lots of money.

How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speakers 1

Intelligent equipment has the vast base of the market, so that the major audio equipment manufacturers have reasons to believe that the Bluetooth speaker market is a big cake, and all want to have one slice to push new Bluetooth speakers. In such a huge Bluetooth speaker market to select high-quality Bluetooth speakers for consumers is definitely a big problem. This article would teach you four skills to buy Bluetooth speakers. In accordance with these four points can choose the most suitable Bluetooth speakers.


Sound Quality

  How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speakers 2 

Let’s talk about the sound quality, a speaker’s sound quality depends on its sound unit quality, channel and Bluetooth transfer sound quality loss. Currently on the Bluetooth speaker market, there are mono, 2.0 channel, 2.1 channel, 2.1 +1 channel and 2.2 channel in accordance with the number of channels. The bigger the number of channels on behalf of its voice unit, the better performance.  2.0 and 2.1 channel Bluetooth speakers are the largest products, they are not only cost-effective but the most worthy of our purchase.

As for the sound quality of Bluetooth transfer loss, because most of the Bluetooth speakers on the market are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.1 standards, we still need tolerance to face it. It does not affect the user experience. Of course, the high version of the Bluetooth standard is also equipped with a number of speakers.

Be Practical

How to Choose a Good Bluetooth Speakers 3

A lot of poor sound quality speaker always add some unpractical function as gimmick to promote, such as card player, NFC, lanterns, etc. They look cool, but no use on the practical application. The second step is to recognize the needs of Bluetooth speakers, do not forget the reason you want to have a Bluetooth speaker at first.

If you buy speakers at home is to enjoy a better audio-visual and entertainment experience, then buy a  Bluetooth speaker with input / USB audio. If you like to listen to music in the car, you can buy a hands-free call feature Bluetooth speaker which release your hands more safe driving. When you buy Bluetooth speakers, you do not need too fancy features, according to the actual needs to buy speaker is the most sensible decision.


There are two scenarios when you use Bluetooth speakers, one is the desktop use, the other is outdoors use. We do not have to worry too much about the endurance of the desktop, but the battery life of outdoor use is very important, for example, we can share the music when go camping or travel. It would be very disappointing if the Bluetooth speaker just play two hours. So you need pay special attention to the battery life when you pick Bluetooth speakers.

Reasonable Budget

There are many consumers think expensive Bluetooth speakers must have good qualities, it is not. Now the price of normal Bluetooth speakers generally under 1000 dollars, but there are also some high-end products. This high-end refers only to the price, it does not mean fit, consumers do not need to spend too much in this respect.

For ordinary consumers, Bluetooth speaker under thousand dollars is enough. For the consumers have enough budget and higher music requirement, 2000-5000 dollars products would fit the needs, I believe BOSE, Sony, JBL, Yamaha these brands must have your satisfaction.



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