Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker under 50 for Samsung Galaxy S8

As Samsung Galaxy S8 launched in the market on March 29th successfully, you may already have witnessed its outstanding performance. And for your better use of it, I would like to recommend you some best waterproof Bluetooth speakers under 50 for Samsung Galaxy S8. The Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Plus ($34.99) OontZ Angle 3Continue reading “Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker under 50 for Samsung Galaxy S8”

Bluetooth Speaker for Beach

No matter to give yourself a short break as a worker with heavy workload or to have a holiday as a college student so that to be refreshed after a period time of hard working, beach is always one of the optimal places you will consider. Sunbathing, surfing, holding parties these are beach holiday allContinue reading “Bluetooth Speaker for Beach”

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Spring Break 2017

If March comes, can Spring Break be far behind? It’s already March now! Have you worked out a plan for a special and memorable holiday? Well, I think you may need a close friend that plays music for you and company you all the leisure time—-a Bluetooth speaker! Following are some affordable recommendations. 1. MoktakContinue reading “Best Bluetooth Speaker for Spring Break 2017”

4 Best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor party 2017

Bluetooth speaker is the perfect choice for outdoor party. Getting rid of the restriction of various cables, wireless Bluetooth speakers designed to take your music where no other sound system can go. However, there are a mass of different Bluetooth speaker. Choosing one suitable for outdoor party, you may consider these elements, volume, sound effect,Continue reading “4 Best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor party 2017”

Best Bluetooth speaker for beach

No matter during the summer or winter, beach is always a crowed place. Sunshine, beach and sea bring us a lot of joy. And Beach is even better with music. Therefore, a waterproof and high-quality Bluetooth speaker is your best choice. You can connect speaker to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth so than youContinue reading “Best Bluetooth speaker for beach”

Best cheap portable Bluetooth speakers 2017

A portable Bluetooth speaker is your best companion when you travel or do sports and want to enjoy music on the go. You want to buy one but think it isn’t worth to cost more than $50. Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker under $40 Everyone wants to save money, but the saddest thing ever happened is thatContinue reading “Best cheap portable Bluetooth speakers 2017”

Most Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker for 2017

The new 2017 begins! Guess the issue which portable Bluetooth Speaker should be listed on shopping list may first come to you who is fond of all-the-year-round fantastic music, even it troubles you with the wallet. In the post, I find some speakers and ready to recommend to you as the most powerful portable Bluetooth Speaker for 2017. Hope your guysContinue reading “Most Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker for 2017”

Common Bluetooth Problems and How to Fix Them [Collection]

As a useful tool, Bluetooth helps us a lot and provides convenience in our daily life. However, we may meet many Bluetooth problems when we use it as well. Such as “Bluetooth connected but no sound”. Below is a list of videos to solve your all kinds of Bluetooth problems:   [Fix]- Bluetooth not workingContinue reading “Common Bluetooth Problems and How to Fix Them [Collection]”

Solutions to Bluetooth Device Connected but No Sound

Bluetooth devices has become a necessary part of modern life. A portable Bluetooth speaker brings music along the trip, and a Bluetooth headphone frees you from cables when watching videos or playing games. However, many of us came across problems of Bluetooth connected but no sound. Here we provide strategies to solve this problem: 1. MakeContinue reading “Solutions to Bluetooth Device Connected but No Sound”

Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker under $40

A cheap Bluetooth speaker brings much enjoyment to us today. There is nothing better than connecting your device to a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy a room-filling sound of your favorite songs, especially when you are back from work or stay at home in rainy weekends. However, as Bluetooth speakers in all color, size and designContinue reading “Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker under $40”