High Quality Bluetooth Speaker for Samsung Galaxy S8


With the launch of Galaxy S8 drawing near, you must be excited about the new performances of it. Samsung is reportedly planning a very high screen-to-body ratio for the Galaxy S8, which means a higher percentage of the phone’s front will be occupied by display. And its removal of the iconic physical home button shifts the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the Galaxy S8, which introduces 3D Touch-esque pressure sensing tech to provide a home button experience. Besides, Samsung has even claimed that its new AI assistant—Bixby will take on Apple’s Siri and Google’s own Assistant on the Galaxy S8. Also, its high performance in entertainment just as music and video can certainly make you crazy for it. It is the real product that is worth hoping for. Here I would like to introduce some high quality Bluetooth speaker for Samsung Galaxy S8 for your better use.

EasyAcc SoundCup-S Touch-Control


With two 5W drivers built in this cylinder body, the speaker is able to blast a stereo sound. It is filled with clear highs and enhanced bass. What’s more, you will certainly be attracted by its intuitive design with the touch-enabled panel on the top. It achieves most operations quick and easy. Furthermore, its volume wheel enables you to turn up or down the music like a breeze. However, the most engaging point may be its great adaptation to the outside cycler. The cup design fits most bicycle cup holders, and can easily slip into your backpacks. You can even take it for outdoor gatherings, or stream your favorite music while cycling.

EasyAcc SoundCup-L Touch-Control


EasyAcc SoundCup-L enhances two powerful 10W drivers which pump out a rich and strong sound. You can certainly get a full music release with it. Besides, its indoor and outdoor mode makes it competitive among many Bluetooth speakers. You can idle away a cozy afternoon in immersive music with the tender indoor mode. Or just turn the volume up, and feel the powerful sound that surprises the crowd while outdoor. It can be a good option for your consideration of high quality Bluetooth speaker for Samsung Galaxy S8.

UE BOOM 2 Yeti


UE BOOM 2 Yeti goes with loud 360 degree sound with deep bass, which ensures an enjoyable music release. Besides, its portable design also allows you to take the music to anywhere. And you even needn’t to worry about its safety, for it kindly holds the reliable functions of waterproof and shockproof. Besides, its performances in battery life and available wireless range which reaches to 15-hour and 100 ft will never let you down.
As for some music lovers, I believe that these three high quality Bluetooth speakers can undoubtedly bring great merriness in your use of Samsung Galaxy S8. Different from many traditional Bluetooth speakers, these speakers can also make it possible for you to enjoy the melody when you are going cycling or in adventure.


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