How to fix a frozen Samsung tablet

If your Samsung tablet gets frozen or becomes unresponsive, don’t fret. There’re different solutions to fix the issue.

1. Force restart your Samsung tablet

When your Samsung tablet gets frozen, the first thing you may want to do is force restart it. This will forcibly shut down the operating system and give the tablet a brand-new start. Simply press and hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons together for about seven seconds, and wait till the tablet starts to reboot. If that doesn’t work, you can also let the device drains out and then charge it for about 30 minutes before you turn it on again.

2. Close or uninstall apps

If your device seems to crash when you’re using a certain app, it may be this app that causes the problem. You can figure out this with Safe Mode. Once you’ve determined the app, go to Settings>Apps, find the app and tap to open more options. Then tap Force Stop. If your device keeps freezing, consider removing the app from your tablet. To do so, repeat steps 1-3 above, then tap Uninstall or Disable.

3. Install updates

If you are frequently confronted with the freezing problem, it could be due to an outdated software version on your device. Go to Settings>Software update to check whether your device is up-to-date or not. If there’s a new version, tap Download and install>Install now.

4. Reset your Samsung tablet

If nothing above helps you fix the issue, consider factory resetting your device, which means erasing all the data and settings. Go to Settings>General Management>Reset>Factory Data Reset. Click on Reset.

If your tablet is still unresponsive it may need to be repaired. Find out how to book a repair or take your table to a Samsung Service Centre.


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