Hot Sales for 5 cool gadgets and accessories on the back-to-school packing list—Updated



Still feeling lazy in the summer heat and don’t wanna go back to school? EasyAcc knows the pain and that’s why we are making a list of what electronic gadgets and accessories that you should pack into your bag. With these stuff, your new campus life ahead will be so much easier. We make you go back to school, powerfully! And now let’s have a look at the list and of course the great discount and deals for them.


On the packing list we have stuff from external charger to MacBook Case strongly supporting your electronic life at campus. The No.1 featured product comes to Brilliant Ultra-slim 10000Ah Power Bank series. With generally recognized short battery life of tech devices on the market, taking along a power station to charge your gadgets or your friends’ with full juice is becoming the mainstream. If you are still worried about the low volume or bad quality of sound in your laptop,  then, the recommendation comes to the EasyAcc Five-Star Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Music Cube with Super Bass Amplification Effect. Once turning on the Bluetooth function or connecting with the allocated cable, phenomenally clear, resonant and room-filling sound will flow into the air around you at the moment, even applied in the indoor movie-share, music enjoyment and gaming mode with roommates and friends. What is the tech saver? it means saving you out of trouble while there is no other solutions. Here, this WallSmart 5 USB Ports Wall Charger deserves the title. Equipped with it, when all of your smartphones, tablets, music players need to be fed at the same time with only one charging port, you would fall into headache never again. In addition, with safety approval of CE/ FCC for the product, no worry about your devices and data. EasyAcc, make your life easier. Still anxious about your desk with a ball of data or charging links in a mess? There comes to our D40 USB 3.0 4-Port Anodized Aluminum Hub. Such a multiple ports can not only free yourself from cable-chaos, but also leave behind the hassles to switch or unplug again. Broaden your vision and thinking with a clean and tidy desk at once.Only with good protection and care, would your tech devices release their power and enrich your life endlessly. Lastly, we offer your 13.3 inches laptop with this Felt Sleeve Carrying Bag. Designed with microfiber, such an environmentally-friendly material, you would keep your laptop clean and safe on one hand, and keep your earphone, charging cable, cards, keys or notebook tidy on the other hand. Such a beautiful and rugged in felt at an economical price, why not?

Speak no more, check the hot discounts and offers right now!

1. EasyAcc Brilliant Series 10000mAh Dual-ports Ultra-slim Portable Power Bank(Black+Silver only)

If you use your mobile phone and iPod all the time at campus (well of course you do), you definitely need a external charger to keep them running all day. We recommend our best seller Power Bank and now it’s on offer of 25% Off via Amazon in Germany, UK, and US.1


2. EasyAcc Wallsmart 5 USB ports Wall Charger -white colour only-(Buy 1 Powerbank above, get this for FREE)

You invite all your friends to your dormitory roiom to have a nice catchup, and your friends’ phones are all going flat but there is only one spare plug in the room to charge the phones. Well if you’ve got this multiple USB ports Wall Charger, all the troubles are solved easily. Charging 5 devices at the same time with only one plug needed, no more argument of who can charge his/her phone first.


And now, if you buy the Power Bank above at original price, you can get this gadget for FREE! (for Germany and UK only)

As for the US campus, there is no code however we have reduced the price to the lowest level of all time.

3. EasyAcc Music Cube Bluetooth Audio Speaker with 25-30 hour playback time

Sometimes we would like to invite our friends to the formitory room to have a nice catchup, and it will be kind of boring without any music at the background. This Music Cube will light up your room with 25-30hours brilliant S-Bass audio performance, enjoy the music anytime everywhere. Perfect for house party and outdoor picnic, take it anywhere you like.

30% Off discount now for US, UK, and Germany, rock your campus.3

International Campus Sales Code: CUBE88SP (US, UK, Germany)

Thanks for all your support and affection for our products. And we are so sorry to tell you that the great discount on this Super Bass Audio Player would be cancelled temporarily. If you are an honest fan for it, please check out the discount updated information on EasyAcc Blog, Facebook and Twitter. 

4. EasyAcc Superspeed Aluminum Alloy 4 USB Ports Hub -Black and Silver-

Feeling stressed out when you have too many USBs to plug into the computer? This smart gadgets provide professional option to you to work on your data. With 4 USB ports, no more hassles to change the USBs one by one.

5We reduced the price of this device to a very low level, check them out!

5. EasyAcc Felt Sleeve Carrying Bag for MacBook

Prevent your MacBook from any scratch or dirt mark while giving it full protection. Special design with a few inner pockets where you can put stuff like cellphone, earphone, charging cables, student card etc. Now it’s 50% off discount for EasyAcc Felt Sleeve Carrying Bag for 13.3 MacBook Air, 13.3 MacBook Pro, 13.3 MacBook Pro Retina and 15.4 MacBook Pro Retina in US, UK and Germany with half price 50% off discount code: EASYA133. 4

I too, will be heading back to my uni next month and I am very much willing to put all the awesome stuff above into my luggage. There is no need to worry about phone going flat, my MacBook getting scratched, no need to find more plugs for charging my multiple devices, taking the music to attend a house party. I am looking forward to going back to campus, powerfully and colourfully with EasyAcc.



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  1. Hi
    Can I get any of this for review or sample ? I am super fan of EasyAcc products. Hope somebody from EasyAcc come forward and promote by giving to their super fan (me).
    Awaiting positive reply.


  2. Hello
    EASYPBL5 is not working in german Amazon…, seems too old


    “Der eingegebene Gutscheincode ist abgelaufen.”

    1. Hello Guido, I am sorry that the back-to-school activity has been over last month. If you are still finding some power bank, maybe you could have a look on iChoc, a 5000mAh portable battery with built-in cable. Also you could click the column of Daily Smash to get detailed information about it.


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