Best Charging Station for Multiple Devices


Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and fitness trackers etc. we always have a lot of devices to charge in daily life. Inevitably, some of you will be confused by multiple chargers and so much clutter. Luckily, here comes a way to help you charge all your gadgets with one plug. That is to choose a best charging station for multiple devices. But don’t hurry; let’s know something about how to choose it firstly!

How to choose best charging stations


Form Factor
There are many charging stations with various types in the market, and commonly USB charging stations come in three forms factors: wall chargers, corded hubs, and organizers.This is more a problem of personal preference. From the above picture, you can tell the difference among them.Besides, some stations come only with a stand, here are not mentioned.


Special charging features
People are more likely to pursue fast speed and tend to hold their devices in hand while charging. So, some special charging features like fast and wireless charging are put into priority to consider.

Number of ports
The number of ports on your charging station might be the first factor you will consider as what you want it to solve is to free you from the annoying clutter. Nevertheless, you are not suggested to buy a station which can only meet your current requirement, leaving no room for future expansion.So buy a charger with a few more ports than you currently need.


Amperage of ports
Generally speaking, different charging station with multiple ports will have different amperage outputs, usually ranging from 1A, 2.1A to 2.4A. Although, it’s proved that most devices are more proper to be charged under low amperage, however, it is much better to buy a charging station equipped with low and high amperage outputs in case you need to charge some devices with large batteries such as new tablets and laptops.
Taking all these factors into account, you can take a look at our recommendations as follows:


EasyAcc PowerEdge 40W 4-Port Wall Charger
 A giant transformer with no extension cord of any sort.
 Backing up by 40 watts of power, charging 4 mobile devices simultaneously at full speeds.
 Smart Charge Technology supported charging at the maximum speed your device requires by automatically detecting your device type.
 Portable enough by crafting with the palm-grip frame and a fold able plug.


Upow CS007 5-Port USB Bamboo Charging Station
 A combo of all sturdy built with 4 Slots and 1 Apple Watch Stand, saving you from additional charging adapter or power strip.
 Innovative Design with smart IC and 5 USB ports for directly charging multiple devices.
 Delivering a steady and safe charge, equipped with 5 powered USB ports (1 x 0.5A, 1 x 1A, 2 x2.1A and 1 x 2.4A; Surge protection on each port).
 Bamboo-made comes with functional cable management system free you from messy cables.


Okra Universal Charging Station
 Charge any devices with an USB cord
 7 powered USB ports (3 x 2.4A and 4 x 1A)Includes 7 slots with anti-scratch non-slippery silicone pads.
 Delivers the most efficient and safe charge with Smart IC chip set being built in.
 Energy-saving on/off switch design against over-heating, over-charging, and power surges.


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