One Plug for Everything


What’s #smashing today

This is the awkward moment I think nearly all of us have experienced in the past: we are on holiday with friends or lover and when we back to the hotel, holy crap there is only one or two plugs in the room when we’ve got 3 phones, 2 cameras, 1 iPad, and maybe 1 toothbrush to charge. Well what we present today is just perfect for this situation–a 5 ports UBS wall charger that can feed 5 devices of yours and your friends’ at the same time with only 1 plug needed. Now all the problems are solved, no need to bring extra chargers and cables when you go away next time, one plug for everything.

And we are happy to offer a bit discount for  this lovely gadget today:

  • Italy
  • EUR 5.00 off per Wall Charger 5-Port USB Mulitport Adapter USB Ladegerät Handy Netzteile (Codice: EASYLGLG)

So get the smash today before it’s gone. EasyAcc is always there to make your life easier.

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