Say Goodbye to Your Multiple Adapters & Outlets

10What’s #smashing today?

One essential item for any gadget geek is a USB wall charger. They come with most mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, and chances are, you have a bunch of them occupying outlets all over your house. The EasyAcc 4-Port USB Wall Charger is one of the more thoughtfully designed third-party wall chargers you can find, with dual 2.1-amp USB ports, a portable design, and built in cable storage. Best of all, it’s half the price as a single port charger from Apple.

What the wall charger’s features are: 

  • ultra powerful: max 4-amp output and charge 4 smartphones or iPad + Galaxy Tab + Bluetooth Speaker + Headset simultaneously at full speed, saving your time
  • space-saving: easy to take along due to folding plug
  • super portable: quad-port USB charger yet almost the same size as some signle port ones:2.99*2.24*1.14 inches and weight of 3.7 ounces.
  • extremely protective:maintain the highest industry quality standards to offer a safe, stable, durable charger with multiple protections

As someone who spends a lot of time travelling and carrying around a multitude of electronics, the EasyAcc wall charger is an excellent addition to the gadget arsenal.

Now, it comes to the lowest price of $6.99 on: with the code: ESZVZUEQ till this Sunday. 

Say goodbye to the mess of multiple adapters and outlets;

Say hello to the simple, faster and expansive charger;

With or without, it’s up to you.




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