How to attach and detach Nintendo Switch controllers from Nintendo Switch


Nintendo’s newest game console, Nintendo Switch, catches a lot of people’s eyes. It got this name because it can be switched into different gaming modes. Attach Joy-Cons on Nintendo Switch as a PSP, detach Joy-cons from Nintendo Switch and play motion sensing game with your friend, or insert the main unit onto a docking station to connect to a television and play games on a big screen. There are more gaming modes you can try out. Therefore, the biggest problem you should solve out first is how to attach and detach Nintendo Switch controllers from Nintendo Switch. How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers


How to attach Nintendo Switch controllers from Nintendo Switch?

Step 1: Ensure the LCD screen is facing you.

Step 2: Make sure the correct side the Joy-Con controllers belonging to. The one with the “-” symbol is the left Joy-Con, while another with “+” symbol is the right Joy-Con controller.


Step 3: Use the rail on the side of the console, and slide the Joy-Con from top to bottom, until you hear a click.


*Once the Joy-Con controllers are attached to the system, they are registered, and can now be detached and used.

How to detach Nintendo Switch controllers from Nintendo Switch?

Press the release button at the back of the Joy-Con while sliding the Joy-Con from bottom to top.



*The Joy-Con registration information is not deleted when the Joy-Con controllers are detached.

If you afraid you miss it, attach the Joy-Con straps after detaching the Joy-Con controllers from the console. 

It is very simple, right? If you have any question, leave it below.


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