Best Nintendo Switch Bundle


Since the release of Nintendo Switch in March this year, game lovers have been wondering which bundle to choose so as to get best gaming experience. In this article the editor shows the answer.


No Difference except the Color
Nintendo Switch was unveiled with two standard £279 bundles which are of different colors: one version has gray Joy-Con controllers; the other is equipped with neon red and blue Joy-Con controllers.
There’s no difference except the color though. Both of the two includes the full Nintendo Switch starter kit—a console, Joy-Con controllers, switch dock and cables. Besides, neither bundle includes a game to go with the system. Just choose one according to your taste.


Game Matters
Since neither of the two bundles comes with a game, which games to download is worth considering. And the following are recommendations for you.
The existing games such as Shovel Knight, World of Goo and I am Setsuna have all received great comments from fans and perhaps you have already tried them before. Additionally, some new entries in existing franchises are also attractive, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Bomberman R, Snipperclips, 1-2 Switch and Fast RMX.


Optimize Gaming Experience with Accessories
While the detachable Joy-Con controllers make it easy to play the system in a variety of ways and locations, you may sometimes need the Switch Pro Controller, a conventional controller for an unconventional game system, to bring back the traditional gaming experience. Besides, it not only provides motion controls and HD rumbles, but also built-in NFC (for use with Nintendo’s Amiibos).


While every Nintendo Switch comes with a Joy-Con Grip that holds the two Joy-Con controllers in a form factor which resembles a standard gamepad, you’d be glad to have a Joy-Con Charging Grip which keeps the controllers powered up for up to an extra 20 hours of playtime and thus enables you to play games on the go. Cost only $30, the charging grip lengthens the entertainment time for you.


For those who prefer racing games and want to take the wheel when playing, I’d like to recommend Joy-Con Wheel, an accessory with which you can capture some of the white-knuckle racing excitement. It cost you only $14.99 to get the experience of controlling the wheel in your favorite racing game, which is worth trying.


All in all, which bundle to choose is up to your taste, but what experience to have is depended on games downloaded and accessories applied. May you guys enjoy the Nintendo Switch!


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