Accessories You Can Buy for Your Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch was unveiled in October 2016 which was joyous news for people who love games very much. And it was released on March 3, 2017. If this still news to you, you may need the following information.

Know about Nintendo Switch
As Nintendo’s seventh major home video game console, it is considered as a “hybrid”. With the main unit inserted onto a docking station to connect to the television, it designed mainly for home game player. However, what makes this switch special is that the unit can also be removed from the dock so that you can use to your tablet as a portable switch. In this way, Nintendo proves to transfer everywhere to be a possible place for game playing. Additionally, it supports you to play a same game with more than one friend at the same time. As for many players, the pleasant of game means sharing, and to a large extent, sharing means we can enjoy the same game at the same time.


Some of you may be eager to experience this new game console and already order one which should be still on the way. In order to make you have a better experience, here comes a list of accessories you can buy for your Nintendo Switch!


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Of course, your new switch comes with a full set of accessories enable you to jump in and start playing. However, when you kill your time with your Joy-Cons for a long time, you may find that it is not as comfortable and convenient as a Switch Pro Controller. Both for its longer battery life and more appropriate body design, which I mean the soft-touch handles, big buttons and so on, you may tend to buy a Switch Pro Controller, especially, for the those who plans to invest in their home switch experience.


Additional Joy-Cons
As I mentioned above, the Switch Pro Controller is more an option for home experience. What if you want to play games with more friends simultaneously? Obviously, just one Joy-Con is not enough, so here comes the answer—-buy additional Joy-Cons. Pay another $79.9 for an additional Joy-Con seems a little expensive, but if you are a huge fan of Nintendo Switch, you would be happy to give yourself the chance to pick up one with your favorite color.

carry_case & screen_protector

Carry Case & Screen Protector
In case some damage will fall on to it, Carry Case and Screen Protector are necessary accessories you can buy for your Nintendo Switch. Or generally, buy one carry case you can obtain both a fold out insert and screen protector at the same time. It’s safer for you to house your switch with Joy-Con attached in the soft case and get a screen protector sized correctly for the switch. In this case, not only can you keep your screen nice and unscratched, but also with no need to worry while playing.
There are some other accessories you can buy for your Nintendo Switch; the only thing you may need to consider is whether they are available in the market now!


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