What’s the New Nintendo System


Launched on March 3, 2017, Nintendo Switch is both a portable machine and a home console. While Nintendo has focused on both handheld systems and home consoles since its earliest forays into electronic gaming, this is the first it has ever combined the two. Now let’s read this article and learn more about Nintendo Switch.


1. What Is Nintendo Switch
Just as mentioned at the very beginning, Nintendo Switch is a combination of handheld systems and home consoles. This is a remarkable breakthrough to the company and a great surprise to its fans.
As to modes, it supports forms of handheld, console and tabletop, which enables you to have fun with it no matter at home, in the office of on the go.


Moreover, it involves several interesting games which are suitable both for playing alone and together with families or friends.
With such appealing features, the price of $299.99 is quite reasonable.

2. Three Modes of Nintendo Switch
In handheld mode, you should attach the two Joy-Cons to the left and right edges of the console screen. Since the Joy-Cons are of light weight and a great sense of touch, you must enjoy the playing experience.


In console mode, however, accessory will be used (Nintendo Switch involves several accessories, which seems a little bit troublesome but is actually quite useful). Place the console in the dock, this connects the device to your television, and then you can control the Switch by using the detached Joy-Cons from a distance.
In the third mode, the tabletop mode, the kickstand that’s attached to the back of the screen will be used to prop up the console on a table. After that, you can just detach the Joy-Cons and enjoy your games.


3. Games of Nintendo Switch
You’ll have access to a great many of excellent games in Nintendo Switch including the existing games such as Shovel Knight, World of Goo and I am Setsuna, which have received great comments from fans.
Besides that, some new entries in existing franchises are also available, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Bomberman R, Snipperclips, 1-2 Switch and Fast RMX.
With various games available, you can not only get yourself relaxed, but also enjoy leisure time with families and friends, which must be of great fun.


Well, above are some brief introductions about the new Nintendo system, Nintendo Swift. It’s so interesting that you should never ignore it!


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