How to choose the right laptop bag case ?

Nearly everyone needs a  laptop for working. Most of time we move from many of places with the laptop. Whether you are writing over cappuccions in a coffee shop ,drafting a presentation on a plane or editing the photo , we need the  laptop bag case on the go.We  must have in mind that howContinue reading “How to choose the right laptop bag case ?”

How long to fully charge the new MacBook Pro 16-inch

The new MacBook Pro 16-inch has launched for 2 months and Apple has addressed many customer concerns. The 2019 Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch features a new keyboard moving away from butterfly switches (MacBook Pro 15, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Air) back to a traditional scissor switch keyboard. The bigger size means bigger power, the newContinue reading “How long to fully charge the new MacBook Pro 16-inch”

MacBook Pro HDMI Adapter Guide

In 1976, a manual assembled PC called Apple-1 was released and a small company named Apple Inc. was found. A magic journey of technology starts. In 2016, one of the fastest data processing PC in the world —MacBook Pro series was released by Apple Inc. Its innovative designs in Touch bar and transmission ports are so amazingContinue reading “MacBook Pro HDMI Adapter Guide”

Which Macbook Air Is Best for Students

It’s another back-to-school season again! Have you prepared everything for your new semester? Maybe some of the students are considering purchasing a Macbook Air in the purpose of education especially for the fresh college students, but choosing the best Macbook Air for student can be a difficult task. Here we explore the various Mac optionsContinue reading “Which Macbook Air Is Best for Students”

Why MacBook Pro not Charging

When you work on a really important assignment but your laptop just has no power and shutdown. You reach out for chargers to charge, however it doesn’t work. Things going to be frustrated! In this article, I will show you several reasons for MacBook Pro not charging. Reasons can be varied. First of all, let’sContinue reading “Why MacBook Pro not Charging”

Cool Things to Do on MacBook Pro

You must have found that your MacBook Pro is so powerful with so many tasks it can do. Nevertheless, it is generally the case that you may forget some useful functions so as not to full use your Mac. Here the editor concludes six tips you’ll need in order to use your Mac more efficiently.Continue reading “Cool Things to Do on MacBook Pro”

Must Have Accessories for Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro has attracted much of our attention with the unique touch bar, touch ID and thinner and lighter design, together with other characteristics. Here is a list of the most useful accessories with which you can make your MacBook even more powerful and cool. For Macbook Pro Type C accessories : Take Advantage of Continue reading “Must Have Accessories for Macbook Pro”

Must Have Apps for Macbook Pro

After you got Macbook Pro, you definitely looking for a better application environment on your Macbook Pro. There are thousand of useful and particular applications on Apple’s App Store. On the other hand, too many applications there also confuse you to choose which one to compatible with your Macbook Pro. For the demands, this timeContinue reading “Must Have Apps for Macbook Pro”

How to improve Macbook Pro Performance

  It is believed that anyone who bought a new shiny computer always thought the same thing:“I swear I won’t download anything needless this time! I’ll keep it clean absolutely!” Particularly when you purchase a Macbook pro, that’s not cheap, we all know. But to your disappointment, it can’t stay fast as you expected, theContinue reading “How to improve Macbook Pro Performance”

Best Hard Case for MacBook Pro

Want to protect your MacBook Pro from drops, dings, and scratches?Want to differentiate your MacBook Pro from the massive laptops? Want to find a product that shows your unique style and caters to your budget needs? Follow me and find your best hard case for MacBook Pro. For Macbook Pro Type C accessories : TakeContinue reading “Best Hard Case for MacBook Pro”