Must Have Accessories for Macbook Pro


MacBook Pro has attracted much of our attention with the unique touch bar, touch ID and thinner and lighter design, together with other characteristics. Here is a list of the most useful accessories with which you can make your MacBook even more powerful and cool.

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1. Rain Design mStand
The most noticeable advantage of mStand is that it is made of a single solid piece of aluminum which not only cools your MacBook by acting as heat sink but also provides you with great stability. Besides, it enables you to work or entertain in a more comfortable posture because it raises the screen to the eye level. Another highlight to mention is the cable organizer design which hides away messy cables and makes your desk tidy and neat.


2. Mofily Marble DCS1 Charging Station
Equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, two USB-Type C ports, one HDMI Type A port as well as a MicroSD Reader, Marble DCS1 has a super charge ability which enables you to charge your MacBook Pro 13 inch and smartphone and other electronic devices simultaneously with the built-in 65w AC adapter. And thanks to the mini shape of Marble DCS1, you can bring it with you and charge your devices on the go, which is rather convenient. The only drawback of it is that it is not compatible with New MacBook Pro 15 inch.


3. TarDisk 256GB
If you are as reluctant to delete memories as I do, then TarDisk must be the accessory you need. Unlike the traditional hard drives that don’t integrate with your MacBook Pro, TarDisk merges with your MacBook’s internal HD and add 256GB of pure storage. Thanks to TarDisk and the added storage, you’ll just find that your MacBook Pro operates more smoothly and fast.


4. Decoded MacBook Pro Retina Slim Cover
If you want to protect our MacBook Pro from scratches and dings, a case of this type will be a good option. It is a handmade leather product designed to provide you with solid protection without adding much mass or weight. Since it is made entirely from premium full-grain Aniline leather, it will be more comfortable to touch over time and will always be stylish.


5. Apple Magic Mouse 2
Magic Mouse 2 will be a perfect companion while you’re working with your MacBook Pro. First, the multi-touch surface lets you swipe between web pages and scroll through documents easily with the brush of a finger, which brings much convenience. Besides, you’ll find that there is little resistance while moving the mouse thanks to the optimized foot design. Moreover, it features a rechargeable battery so that you can just eliminate the use of traditional batteries.


Well, these are five most useful accessories for MacBook Pro and they are of various function. Do you have more recommendation? If any, share with us!

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