Must Have Apps for Macbook Pro

Must Have Apps for Macbook Pro 2

After you got Macbook Pro, you definitely looking for a better application environment on your Macbook Pro. There are thousand of useful and particular applications on Apple’s App Store. On the other hand, too many applications there also confuse you to choose which one to compatible with your Macbook Pro. For the demands, this time we introduce some outstanding apps highly selective that you must have to average Macbook Pro users.

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PDF Expert

Must Have Apps for Macbook Pro 1

You can’t edit PDF file in general. However, sometimes you need to make some changes. Add text, numbers, change pictures, merge files, or even extract pages. Editing text is the most basic function and it is easy to editing text with PDF Expert. You only need to open PDF with PDF Expert and switch to “edit” mode at the top toolbar.

Many times you want to keep some text in the PDF in case of secret leak, such as name, ID, or any other information that involves personal privacy. PDF Expert knows the user’s needs, which can be activated via the “Edit” button on the top toolbar, then select “Hide” and select the text you want to hide in the PDF. You can black or permanently erase the selected text.

PDF Expert is undoubtedly the best PDF app for PDF editing on Mac platform, almost to meet all your needs.


Must Have Apps for Macbook Pro 2

Almost all of the mainstream European and American pop music can be found here, and each artist is accompanied by detailed profile and album comments, you can even find a lot of rare album here. Because the artist database is open to the user, the user can freely on-demand music. (Which is also one of the highlights of Spotify, and there are few legally authorized online music sites that dare to do that.)

Spotify not only be able to submit music recordings to users’ accounts,but as well as a large number of social music attributes, including create and share the playlist. As long as you are willing to dig, the amount of songs will surprise you.


Must Have Apps for Macbook Pro 3

This is an old lightweight application based on the development and research of  OS X. In the value respect, one of the purposes of its existence, as far as I am concerned, is comprised of shorthand in this regard.

To be implemented shorthand on a computer, there is a basic condition: the applications must keep running all the time and fast response. Maybe you will think of similar class applications such as Todo, but the popular applications currently on the market are aim to notification and consolidation as the ultimate goal, rather than speed. So, there is the advantage of Unclutter.

Article is limited, while apps are always in continuous innovation, this time recommend these three must have apps for Macbook Pro users, hope them can help you improve the environment of your Macbook Pro.

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  1. Thanks for the article! Personally, I use ArkMC app to stream wirelessly my music, videos, pics from iPhone to HD TV.I finally get rid of adapters and cables, that are pretty expensive. But I’ve never faced any problems with the app, works perfectly without any bugs.


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