Cool Things to Do on MacBook Pro


You must have found that your MacBook Pro is so powerful with so many tasks it can do. Nevertheless, it is generally the case that you may forget some useful functions so as not to full use your Mac. Here the editor concludes six tips you’ll need in order to use your Mac more efficiently.

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Sign your documents and PDFs right in Mail
Signing documents seems not useful for the majority, but it does work for many businessmen who agree to all manner of things with signature. Without printing, you can just drag a PDF into the email you’re sending, and hover over it then at the top right you’ll see a little button appear; click it so you will get yourself an option of signing documents. Best of all, you can either add your signature by holding a signed piece of paper up to the webcam on your Mac or by drawing on your trackpad.


Batch rename files
When you need to deal with a group of files, renaming is usually the case. However, in versions of OS X before Yosemite, a third-party software is needed in order to renaming a group of files at once. Now, you can just select a group of files and select Rename to do your work either from the right-click contextual menu or from the drop-down button marked with a cog icon in Finder windows.


Share with your friends in an easy way
It is not uncommon for you to share interesting news or important information with your friends, the best thing with Mac is that it keeps track of how and to whom you most often share stuff so that you can easily access to those options next time.


Use split screen
Doing multiple tasks in one Mac is always one of the situations. Thanks to the Split Screen View, this becomes much easier, not only you can work with two windows or apps side by side, but also by dividing the separating line between the two apps you can make them smaller or larger, which can come in handy for keeping an eye on live information.


Annotate PDFs and images
For those who aquatints with PDFs and images documents, annotating is always being viewed as indispensable function. Preview has some fantastic tools built into it for annotating images and PDFs. The best thing is that you can easily share the annotated documents with your friends as they are based on a standard that’s compatible with Adobe’s PDF app, Acrobat, which is used by Windows users and companies.


Share your passwords and credit card details
If you are a big fan of apple products, this is may be a tip for you. Turning on iCloud Keychain, this lets you keep your Safari website usernames and passwords, credit card information, and Wi-Fi network information in sync across all your devices. Entering your secure credit card details is not an easy thing, but as sharing once, it will much convenient later so it’s worth trying.
There are hands of cool things you can do on your MacBook Pro, bring your insight eyes to find out! If you have any interesting findings and tips, please comments below!


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