MacBook Air Hot/Fans Running While Sleeping

MacBook Air is a line of laptop developed by Apple Inc. since 2008. Then, every year Apple Inc. upgrades a new vision. MacBook Air is the thinnest laptop in the world and many officers like it for its easy to carry. However, not all of us are IT exporter, if something wrong with our devices,Continue reading “MacBook Air Hot/Fans Running While Sleeping”

Which Macbook Air Is Best for Students

It’s another back-to-school season again! Have you prepared everything for your new semester? Maybe some of the students are considering purchasing a Macbook Air in the purpose of education especially for the fresh college students, but choosing the best Macbook Air for student can be a difficult task. Here we explore the various Mac optionsContinue reading “Which Macbook Air Is Best for Students”

MacBook Air Battery Not Charging

It is a frustrated problem when the battery not charging. In this article, I will share some possible issues for battery not charging and its solution. I provide steps from two conditions. 1.If there is no display screen. As for this condition, the checking process is easy but the repairmen can be challenge or expensive.Continue reading “MacBook Air Battery Not Charging”

MacBook Air Accessories Must Have

Good horse should be matched with good saddle to reach the full potential. So do your MacBook Air. To obtain some practical accessories not only bring in convenience but also keep the laptop from unconscious damages. Now let’s go for the MacBook Air Accessories you must have. ZenDock ZenDock goes with FireWire, USB, ethernet, MiniContinue reading “MacBook Air Accessories Must Have”

How to Charge MacBook Air 2016

For Macbook Pro Type C accessories : First Take Advantage of  50% Off discount on Indiegogo here! The 5th-generation MacBook Air has been released on 29th April, 2014 with two different size models, 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch. Followed on the release of newest MacBook Pro, Apple halts sales of 11.6-inch MacBook Air. However, MacBook Air still featuresContinue reading “How to Charge MacBook Air 2016”