Wireless vs Wired Mouse: Which is Better for Gaming

Wireless vs Wired Mouse, Which is Better for Gaming

When it comes to PC gaming, which is better for gaming, a wireless mouse or a wired mouse? Well, the question has become a heated debate over the years with staunch supporters on each side. So what’s the truth about the best gaming mouse, wireless or wired, for gamers? Does a wired mechanical gaming keyboard like the Redimp GK100 or a wired gaming mouse like the Steelseries Rival 300 perform better than a wireless version of the same product, though both side have a variety of pros and cons. Here we’ll have them compared from these aspects, design, connection, battery life, movement, sensitivity and the price. 

Wireless vs Wired Mouse, Which is Better for Gaming


Well, everyone enjoys having a well-equipped but tidy battle desktop; thus when considering that, some people tend to search for wireless gaming mouse without cables tangled across the desk. Additionally, there won’t have the cable broken or frayed while long-time intense gameplay. On the other hand, the wireless mouse seems a bit more travel friendly taken in the carry-on bag. 


We always say that if something achieves to the ultimate in some aspect, that must have sacrificed in other aspects. For wireless mouse, especially engaged in gaming mode, it could lead to a large amount of lag, resulted from a sleep mode used to preserve battery, random un-syncing and interference. While, the wired mouse, compared with wireless, has better latency and zero lag, which gamers and graphic designers. 

Battery Life

You would never need to worry about battery life when your mouse is wired; when plugged in, it’s powered by the computer; but that’s not happening to a wireless mouse. And because of this, wireless mice are normally a little expensive. So except the price, any other influence caused by the limitation of battery life. Yes and that’s about the response time, that is, your wireless gaming mouse might die in the middle of a gaming, leaving you with no way to control what is happening. 


If you want to have easily taken and used anywhere other than the desk, wireless mice are a good fit. Generally, Bluetooth typically affords at least 30 feet, and 2.4 GHz wireless technology is also the same. If you move around the room, with the wireless mouse, you can still play with. However, wired mice can’t run the same risk.


In terms of playing gamers, especially those high-end professional gamers, a wired mouse with a higher DPI (Dots Per Inch) is most preferable. Why? That’s because the higher the DPI is, the more sensitive the mouse would be, which allows the gamers to move faster and more across the screen with a smaller movements. Taking in real gamepaly, wired mice are better for FPS games, when with the question, which is better for gaming, wireless vs wired mouse.


Although both wired and wireless mice have their own benefits, it’s up to individuals to decide which one would work better for them, gaming or working. 

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  1. i dunno. razer is pretty dope, and im planning on getting a light up mouse pad. it has a wire too, and im not sure if i wanna put in the time of untangling my wired mouse from my pad wire. i dont have it yet, but im strongly debating it


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