Exciting Technology Haul – Rugged Power Bank 20000 & Other Useful Stuffs

Camping season is coming; joyful music, good food and full power are necessities of a nice trip. Here in this video, Dave will introduce some exciting technology hauls which you will need for an unforgettable camping, everything but power and safety-proof rugged power bank 20000mAh and Bluetooth headphones included.   

How to Install a Bluetooth Speaker for Car

Install a Bluetooth speaker in car can make you able to feel the joy of music all along your road and trip. But many of us don’t know how to install it. Below the video will show you the method step by step. Besides, there is another quick way for you to indulge in musicContinue reading “How to Install a Bluetooth Speaker for Car”

EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth Speaker Mixes Longest Battery Life and Better Portability with a Room-filling Sound

Abstract: A growing number of people nowadays tend to bring a Bluetooth speaker with them for a free music enjoyment. But for those who do not have one, this passage may provide some suggestions.   What makes a perfect Bluetooth speaker per your consideration? I know that there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousandContinue reading “EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth Speaker Mixes Longest Battery Life and Better Portability with a Room-filling Sound”

HD Bluetooth Music Receiver At a Glance

What’s #smashing today? If you have an older stereo system or speaker dock lying around that doesn’t offer wireless streaming… If you are skeptical about the music quality playing via iPhone/ iPod/ ipad speakers or headphones… Actually, a few companies make adapters that enable you to add Bluetooth to an existing set of powered speakersContinue reading “HD Bluetooth Music Receiver At a Glance”

Pack the Music Back to College with 30% Off Discount

What’s #Smashing today? As the day back to school is approaching, are you getting ready and packing up all your accessories? When I’ve ever been a college student, there were so many things I wanna to pack up and share with roommates and friends. Anyhow there were still something you can never take with. The mostContinue reading “Pack the Music Back to College with 30% Off Discount”

Small Body, Big Talent

  What’s #smashing today? It’s all about the music! Feel awkward in a home party without music speaker? Want to play music loud wherever you want? You know what, what we present here today is just handy for music lovers to have. Super lightweight and portable for you to take it anywhere you go, friend’sContinue reading “Small Body, Big Talent”