Small Body, Big Talent



What’s #smashing today?

It’s all about the music! Feel awkward in a home party without music speaker? Want to play music loud wherever you want? You know what, what we present here today is just handy for music lovers to have. Super lightweight and portable for you to take it anywhere you go, friend’s house, hotel, picnic etc. Small as it is, be ready to be impressed by it’s brilliant audio performance by AS (Acoustic Air Spring) and S-BASS technologies.  With the bluetooth function, answering the phone call hands-free while enjoying the music. It is also a versatile talent to play music from both bluetooth or non-bluetooh devices such as SD card, Music players. Once it’s fully charged, you can enjoy the music for up to 5 hours non-stop wow! Can life be any easier like this for the music lovers?

This little smashing gadget has been sold out very quick in UK and Italy but still available in US and Germany at good price:

Small Body, Big Talent, EasyAcc always provides you with premium gadgets to make your life easier!


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