Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker under $40

A cheap Bluetooth speaker brings much enjoyment to us today. There is nothing better than connecting your device to a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy a room-filling sound of your favorite songs, especially when you are back from work or stay at home in rainy weekends. However, as Bluetooth speakers in all color, size and designContinue reading “Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker under $40”

Frequent Question for EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth problem If there is any problem happened in Bluetooth, please make sure that you have opened the Bluetooth in you device and the distance between device and Bluetooth speaker is closer than 3 feet without blocked by any barrier. After these, if your problem is still there, please delete the matching record of speakerContinue reading “Frequent Question for EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker”

Amazon Echo: A Wireless Speaker or A Voice Command Device

Some people are not familiar with Echo. It is an intelligent control device from Amazon with a voice assistant call “Alexa”.   Who is Echo? Amazon Echo can be a control device for smart home and a speaker at the same time. Designed with cylindrical shape, it is 10 inches high that can be displayContinue reading “Amazon Echo: A Wireless Speaker or A Voice Command Device”

How to Install a Bluetooth Speaker for Car

Install a Bluetooth speaker in car can make you able to feel the joy of music all along your road and trip. But many of us don’t know how to install it. Below the video will show you the method step by step. Besides, there is another quick way for you to indulge in musicContinue reading “How to Install a Bluetooth Speaker for Car”

Welcome to DP200 Musictopia

Hey music addicts, welcome to EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker DP200 Musictopia.  Let me introduce myself at first:) Before I was born… When I was born, everything looks so natural! And importantly, I’m looking so stylish, cool and adorable! While, I have a secret. EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker, well, I’m also capable of AUX cable-in.  Actually, I haveContinue reading “Welcome to DP200 Musictopia”

Giveaways: Best Holiday Gifts for Mother’s Day (EasyAcc bluetooth speaker DP200)

Hey guys, it’s our weekly giveaways for you again and this is the last one in March. What cool gadget we’re giving away this time as the best holiday gifts for Mother’s Day? EasyAcc  bluetooth speaker DP200 ,  its options of colors vary from white and black.  And personally speaking, the white one is quite elegant and exquisiteContinue reading “Giveaways: Best Holiday Gifts for Mother’s Day (EasyAcc bluetooth speaker DP200)”