Pack the Music Back to College with 30% Off Discount


What’s #Smashing today?

As the day back to school is approaching, are you getting ready and packing up all your accessories? When I’ve ever been a college student, there were so many things I wanna to pack up and share with roommates and friends. Anyhow there were still something you can never take with. The most unforgettable memories are about the enjoyment of pop music with the high-quality home audio at that time. And there was just one step from taking the home audio back to school sneakingly. How poor I was at that time. But fortunately, if you have the same trouble, there is a better solution now, that is, the EasyAcc Super Bass mobile audio.

Whether you are a audiophile or not, once you turn on the Bluetooth function and connect to it, you would be surprised about its phenomenally clear, resonant and room-filling sound with super Bass amplification effect from such a small package. No matter what occasions you set it, personal indoor movie showing or music party or even gaming mode with friends, it will never let you and your decent ears down.

So, how about the outdoor music playing? You may doubt it with short playtime with that powerful audio enhancement. Designed with the built-in rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery, a breakthrough 20-30 hours of playtime at normal volume is just waiting for your satisfaction. Just say goodbye to those embarrassed moments of battery giving out in the middle of your favorite song or wrecking some romantic moment.

Now Great Sales Offer is waiting for you at such an exciting BACK-TO-SCHOOL season!

30% off via Amazon in Germany, UK and US.

With EasyAcc S-Bass mobile audio, Wherever you are, Wherever music flows.

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