How to download podcasts on Android


More and more people like listening podcasts for some reason such as relaxing their eyes, saving time by listening to podcasts while doing other things and so on. If you are a new starter and an Android user, you may need to read this article and learn how to download podcasts on Android.


What is podcasts?

The word Podcast arose as a portmanteau of “iPod” and “broadcast”. A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can subscribe to so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the users’ own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player. And podcasts can be produced by just about anyone wanting to share and communicate with the world. They are not exclusive to Big Name Media. Nowadays, you can find podcasts about a lot of different fields, different topics and from different countries. Anything you want to know can be found there. What is Samsung DeX?

How to download podcasts on Android?

More and more podcast apps for Android came out. Therefore, it becomes easier to download podcasts on Android phone or other devices. First of all, you need to choose a Podcast App you like according to your friends’ recommendation or you own judgment. I choose Podcast Addict as an illustration to show you how to operate.

Step 1: Download Podcast Addict from Android App Store such as Play Store.


Step 2: Open Podcast Addict you’ve downloaded.


Step 3: Read the Get Started instruction and do operation as your will. If you want to search a podcast you like, tap SEARCH ENGINE.


Step 4: Input the name of the podcast you like. Tick Use iTunes search engine, if it is an iTunes podcast. And tap Search.


Step 5: You can subscribe the podcasts you like by tapping the SUBSCRIBE button. Therefore, new episodes will be automatically downloaded or push notification to you.


Step 6: Check the podcasts you subscribed by tap the 3 line button on the lift top. And choose Podcasts. All podcasts you following are listed here.


Step 7: If you want to subscribe more podcasts, you can tap the plus button on the top right corner and find the Search Engine here.



Step 8: Download podcast with Wi-Fi for saving data. You can tap the button with a downward arrow and a line. After finishing the download, you can listen to it wherever you want regardless of Wi-Fi. Of course, if you connect Wi-Fi or don’t mind using you data, you tap on it directly and listen to it in that way avoiding to download to your space. Does Listening to A Podcast Use Data?


That’s the way to download and listening to podcast on Android devices. Different apps must have different operation steps, but basic principles are similar. If you want to recommend podcast apps or podcast programs, please leave a comment below.

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