Congratulations to Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Halloween is over, so is our costume contest!!! Great thanks for all your active participation in our contest; and we have received around 27 spook-taculous costume photos, from funny to scary with everything in between that all of you are super creative! It took a little bit longer, but prizes are worth waiting for, no? WeContinue reading “Congratulations to Halloween Costume Contest Winners”

Stay Charged All in One

What’s #smashing today? I don’t know whether you have such experiences below or not, but I really do HAVE!!! Sometimes, when I want to juice up my smartphone, tablet and camera, one one hand, I couldn’t find their own adapters at that moment; on the other hand, I couldn’t find enough available charging ports. How annoyed IContinue reading “Stay Charged All in One”


What’s #smashing today? While you are driving to work, getting caught in traffic jam or traffic light must be a common occurrence. While you are driving to travel around, boredom and disappointments must be remained in your driving memories. While you are driving and enjoying your mobile devices, you must have concerns about the battery outlet. So, why notContinue reading “YOUR DRIVING SHOULD ADD A LITTLE COLOR.”

It’s Your Power Renovation Now

What’s #smashing today? As the iPhone has been bigger than bigger, have you been thinking about to get another power bank with higher capacity? As more and more awesome apps are  installed in your smartphones, have you been thinking about to get another powerful pack-up for your phone’s service life? If I were you, I would pick outContinue reading “It’s Your Power Renovation Now”

9.9.2014, More than New Apple Released

What’s #smashing today? On the occasion of Apple unveiling its new products series, have you think a little more about its matched accessories? Or you are just a follower after the event? After all you all have engaged in so many times, haven’t you? Just calm down and think back for a moment, could you listContinue reading “9.9.2014, More than New Apple Released”

Unique Colors, Express Yourself

What’s #smashing today? If you still charge your iPhone with dull black or some deep colors, now you could have a color evolution. If you always regret for the colorful external power banks that cannot be integrated and dyed with your iPhone, now you would have the colorful mobile life. If you sometimes wanna change the iPhoneContinue reading “Unique Colors, Express Yourself”

Gear UP Your Devices with Uber Power X4

What’s #smashing today? We have happened and would happen to many difficulties in our life, but we could still find solutions to solve them and make our life easier and better. Likewise, charging for our mobile devices, such a trivial thing, also comes to our daily troubles. If you have happened to the cases belowContinue reading “Gear UP Your Devices with Uber Power X4”

Not To Be A Wallhugger Any More

What’s #smashing today? If you are still lingering on which kind of smartphones or tablets with longer battery life OR waiting for the innovation of lithium battery OR taking your device chargers along and looking for the wall charger whenever and wherever you are, won’t you regret for that? Why not just select one suitable portable power bank and enjoyContinue reading “Not To Be A Wallhugger Any More”

Half Price with Premium Protection for Your Tab

What’s #smashing today? Either real-life use or occasional crash and drop, we believe that easily added extra layers of protection to keep your tabs looking  fresh and reduce some pressure seems to be necessary for your electronic devices. EasyAcc tab cover cases, taking the shock out of drops and the edge of scratches. More than fullContinue reading “Half Price with Premium Protection for Your Tab”

Half Price Full Protection, All for Your Smartphone

What’s #smashing today? It’s no doubt that your phone is always with you making you connected to the world, receiving latest news, catching up with your close friends. Don’t you think it’s time to give your beloved partner a full protection keeping it away from any hurt and scratches? Well EasyAcc Protection is now offeringContinue reading “Half Price Full Protection, All for Your Smartphone”