Functional, Fantastic but Affordable Charging Dock, Essential in the Smart World


What’s #smashing today?

Referred to one of our Amazon customers’ review, what I will recommend today, it wrote,” I don’t think you can ever have enough USB charging ports with today’s electronic ruled civilization, that is where this charging dock can come in handy”.

Turning around the EasyAcc 30W 6A 4-Port USB Charging Dock, its classic but practical design and nice touch get your first impression, better than most of the similar products on the market.

Along with the design idea, “say goodby to multiple adapters and outlets; say hello to all-in-one charging convenience”, the Dock has 4 USB ports ready to delieve amount of current to your hungry devices at any time. At the same time, amnong the 4 ports with a total output of 6 amps, there are two 2.4A output ports with smart technology that can automatically recognize the devices connected  and output the amount of current at the fastest possible charging speed. No more need to wait for your turn to use the outlet or hunt for spare adapters on the one hand; on the other hand, no more waste charging time but more possibilities to your work or entertainment.

Besides the multiport charging ports, there is also a stand that gives you a place to put a device while charing or watching videos. 

Full and fast power, of course full safety at the same time. The Dock has been certificated by CE, FCC and RoHS; and a build-in circuit protection system shuts off the charger automatially in the event of overcurrent, overcharge and short circuit. Moreover, there is a 12-month warranty for your any requests.

For those interested in, check the link: and use the code: JOUSZYKW before Next Monday, you could get it at the price of $14.99

Seize the opportunity and do not just let it go as it is never been.




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