WHO WILL WIN: mophie Juice Pack Plus VS EasyAcc 3200mAh Battery Case

WINNEROnce you draw more possibilities from a phone, faster it will consume its power and shorter its battery life will be. And it is the same case with the bigger iPhone 6. Apart from the former rumor of iPhone 6 easily to bend, its short battery could be more anxious, due to its excellent performance. That is the end? All your hope is lost?  Nope, there have been numbers of solutions for your portable battery-supplement embarrassment. Except the external batteries or power banks on the market, battery case has been becoming a decent choice for battery anxiety. Simply speaking, a battery case can recharge your iphone without having to plug it into the wall. Simply speaking, a battery case can protect your sleek but fragile iPhone from usual dings and dents of day-to-day use, just like any other case. Simply speaking, a battery case means dual battery life and all-round protection. But which battery case is better for most people? Here let’s engage a comparisison between mophie’s juice pack plus and EasyAcc 3200mAh iPhone 6 battery case. 价格1 Conclusion:

  • While adopting better battery, although 100mAh less than mophie’s juice pack plus, EasyAcc new release iPhone 6 battery case backs up more power to keep users powered through the possible longest time.
  • While designing the case with a lower profile, EasyAcc allows it to incorporate with your iPhone 6 at full power without bulky feel.
  • While passing through the specifications of MFi, EasyAcc assures you full charge without harming your device.

If you are the judge, what’s your decision?

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Which battery case is the next challenger? Any suggestions and comments are welcome.


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