Guardian for Your MacBook with Half OFF Offer

What’s #smashing today? No matter what sort of electronic devices involved in your daily life, you would wanna get something to protect it and prolong its usage, let alone a laptop. Sometimes, you are forced to move it throughout the day for work; Sometimes, you are forced to pack it up for business trip throughoutContinue reading “Guardian for Your MacBook with Half OFF Offer”

Hassle-Free Workmate with Lowest Price Guarantee

What’s #smashing today? With the enhancement of technology and demanding requirements of customers, there has appeared and formed a trend that the laptop has become thinner and thinner, which inevitably results in a remarkably change is that there are less and less USB ports designed for your daily data transfer. Maybe you’ll be satisfied withContinue reading “Hassle-Free Workmate with Lowest Price Guarantee”

Power Bank + Wall Charger 2 for 1 Sale for Returning School

What’s #smashing today? When coming across power breaks during making calls, browsing the Twitter or Facebook or playing mobile games, what would you do? Maybe you would take out the power bank and feed your devices full of juice; Maybe you would charge the smartphone environmentally with solar charger; Maybe you would change to spare batteries;Continue reading “Power Bank + Wall Charger 2 for 1 Sale for Returning School”

Pack the Music Back to College with 30% Off Discount

What’s #Smashing today? As the day back to school is approaching, are you getting ready and packing up all your accessories? When I’ve ever been a college student, there were so many things I wanna to pack up and share with roommates and friends. Anyhow there were still something you can never take with. The mostContinue reading “Pack the Music Back to College with 30% Off Discount”

Back to School Powerfully with 25% Off on Powerbank

What’s #Smashing today? As some of you are about to make a back-to-school list for returning college or uni, I would like to give an advice before you start. As a student, you would probably spend the whole day hanging around in the campus without going back home or dormitory during the day. What ifContinue reading “Back to School Powerfully with 25% Off on Powerbank”

Power Station in Your Car

What’s #smashing today? You know the awkward moment when you are driving somewhere but your phone has gone flat, even if you have the charging cable but still could’t find the USB plug in the car to charge your device. Well what we recommend today is a small gadget that perfectly solve this problem: EasyAccContinue reading “Power Station in Your Car”

EasyAcc PowerBank Makes Him Popular

Not only being useful, EasyAcc can also make you stand out from the crowd   It is interesting to find that having a EasyAcc Powerbank is not only being handy but can also make you popular among your friends. The blogger was having a lovely picnic dinner on the outdoor dining deck with the mediaContinue reading “EasyAcc PowerBank Makes Him Popular”

Super Bass Audio New Release

What’s #smashing today? Are you still complaining about the portable audio with dissatisfied sound effect? Are you still finding some Bluetooth speaker with longer playtime? Here, we are so glad to introduce the first generation s-bass audio in Easyacc family to all of you, music lovers. With such a slight 3-inch music cube allocated with phenomenal bass amplification technology, just take it whenever you go andContinue reading “Super Bass Audio New Release”