Super Bass Audio New Release

What’s #smashing today? Are you still complaining about the portable audio with dissatisfied sound effect? Are you still finding some Bluetooth speaker with longer playtime? Here, we are so glad to introduce the first generation s-bass audio in Easyacc family to all of you, music lovers. With such a slight 3-inch music cube allocated with phenomenal bass amplification technology, just take it whenever you go andContinue reading “Super Bass Audio New Release”

Macitynet Speak Highly of EasyAcc Cases

Macitynet tried this case a few days ago, expressing a positive opinion for originality and solidity. Protect your laptop with a beautiful and rugged in felt with pockets at a price of only 12 euros you can, thanks to one of the discount of Macitynet. The offer is valid on two cases of EasyAcc for MacBook Pro 13-inch Screen fromMacBook Air, again by 13 inches. Macitynet tried this case a few days ago, expressing a positive opinion fororiginality and solidity. It differs from similar models mainly for the fabric: a softfelt outside that is pleasant to the touch and provides some resistance to small bumps, protecting laptop during transportation (given its total thickness 4 mm)and an interior lined in Microfiber in order to prevent wear of theContinue reading “Macitynet Speak Highly of EasyAcc Cases”

Small Body, Big Talent

  What’s #smashing today? It’s all about the music! Feel awkward in a home party without music speaker? Want to play music loud wherever you want? You know what, what we present here today is just handy for music lovers to have. Super lightweight and portable for you to take it anywhere you go, friend’sContinue reading “Small Body, Big Talent”

Germany the Champion

  What’s #smashing today? Well, as the world cup has just finished, but the brilliant performance German team has provided is still fresh and we cannot be any prouder of Germany. We see how powerful a team can be and the diligence will pay off eventually. Germany, you are beyond the champion. So what weContinue reading “Germany the Champion”

Combo Apps reviews our Power Banks

Overall EasyAcc makes a very sound product and I highly recommend them for your mobile photographic needs. Today I’m going to be talking about power banks external batteries. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing about external batteries. Well there have been times where I’ve been out to obscure locations, like the desert to shoot mobileContinue reading “Combo Apps reviews our Power Banks”