Guardian for Your MacBook with Half OFF Offer


What’s #smashing today?

No matter what sort of electronic devices involved in your daily life, you would wanna get something to protect it and prolong its usage, let alone a laptop. Sometimes, you are forced to move it throughout the day for work; Sometimes, you are forced to pack it up for business trip throughout the world; Sometimes, you are forced to take it along for classes throughout the whole campus. No matter what kind of situation you engage in, your laptop needs your attention and care and something protective against scratch and slight crash.

And this time the EasyAcc Macbook Air 13.3 inch Felt Sleeve Carrying Bag would come to your choice. With the compact size and light weight of 190g, you can simply take it or put it in your bag with Mac wherever you go, working, attending class or travelling. What’s more, such an environmentally-friendly carrying bag, made of high-quality of “RPET” polyester, is not just about carrying bag for your laptop. Designed with two internal pockets, you are also available to put in anything necessary for your outgoing, such as mobile phone, earphone, charging cable, student cards, keys or notebook, etc. Soft in hand, safe in mind.

Now, during the “Back-to-School” season, we’ve prepared different sizes for your Mac, 13.3 MacBook Air, 13.3 MacBook Pro, 13.3 MacBook Pro Retina and 15.4 MacBook  Pro Retina with up to 50% off discounts in US, UK and Germany. Just check them out with the discount code: EASYA 133 now!






No hesitation, better and earlier protection for your MacBook. EasyAcc, easy access for carefree campus life.

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