Power Station in Your Car

What’s #smashing today? You know the awkward moment when you are driving somewhere but your phone has gone flat, even if you have the charging cable but still could’t find the USB plug in the car to charge your device. Well what we recommend today is a small gadget that perfectly solve this problem: EasyAccContinue reading “Power Station in Your Car”

Congratulations to the Winners

Thank you all for joining in the competition! Well the 30,000-Likes-share-for-Giveaway competition is just over and we are happy to announce that Henry James Cousins from UK and Holt Ledyard from US are the lucky winners who will get the brilliant new-release Premium Bluetooth Audio Speaker. We will message you for further information about claiming your prizes.Continue reading “Congratulations to the Winners”

ADVENTURE Gear’s recommendation

A Power Pack to Rule Them All. Whether you’re backpacking, traveling, experiencing a power outage or just commuting, a battery pack is crucial for keeping your device recharged and running for the long haul. When I know there’s a chance I won’t be near a power outlet for a while, a battery backup makes itContinue reading “ADVENTURE Gear’s recommendation”

where you are, where we are

At the moment celebrating the EasyAcc anniversary and the launching of EasyBlog and Twitter, we are such grateful to all the Fans all over the world. In the past days, we join together and share the every moment of life. Sometimes, maybe you are enjoying the get-together with family;   Sometimes, maybe you are chattingContinue reading “where you are, where we are”

EasyAcc PowerBank Makes Him Popular

Not only being useful, EasyAcc can also make you stand out from the crowd   It is interesting to find that having a EasyAcc Powerbank is not only being handy but can also make you popular among your friends. The blogger was having a lovely picnic dinner on the outdoor dining deck with the mediaContinue reading “EasyAcc PowerBank Makes Him Popular”

Solarizens gives 4.6/5 to EasyAcc Power Bank

 by BRIAN · in Blog  EasyAcc 10,000mAh is a highly recommended product.   The EasyAcc 10,000mAh is just like any other power bank out there. But unlike many other chargers it packs a punch for it’s cheap price. You can use it while on a range of outdoor activities without worrying about the availability of plug points for chargingContinue reading “Solarizens gives 4.6/5 to EasyAcc Power Bank”

Revving Up Your Summer with EasyAcc

Hoo~ It’s the summer time once again and let’s bravo together. In this season, we are vigorous. In this season, we are sexy and cool. In this season, we release our passion. And in this season, we embrace the nature to the full. Sometimes, we’ll go to the sunny beach and enjoy the sunbath with love girlfriends.Continue reading “Revving Up Your Summer with EasyAcc”

Neverending Celebration of Life

EasyAcc’s biggest #celebration of all time is coming to the end July 3th is a very important date for EasyAcc because this day last year we official launched our Facebook page and one year after, today, we are on the way of getting 30,000 fans there who enjoy EasyAcc’s products in their daily life. AtContinue reading “Neverending Celebration of Life”

Special thanks to 30,000 friends and more

How time flies before I ever notice that we are approaching 30,000 fans on EasyAcc’s Facebook. I have been in charge of Facebook from this March and I am really happy with my job since I have made friends from all over the world who are interested in EasyAcc or who had already bought someContinue reading “Special thanks to 30,000 friends and more”