Best Wireless Charger Pad for Charging both iPhone X and Apple Watch

The new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus finally equipped with wireless charging technology. Apple has always been promoting its wireless world concept, this is one step ahead. However, Apple didn’t use the long-range wireless charging technology provided by the Energous Company after all, but chose to experience mature and stable inductive charging,Continue reading “Best Wireless Charger Pad for Charging both iPhone X and Apple Watch”

Why My iPhone X Can’t Hang Up

The iPhone X has fancy functions and features that stand for the future of smartphone. But you must get annoyed when it couldn’t perform basic functions. Hundreds of customers complained their iPhone X can’t answer incoming calls. In this January, Indian blog Piunikaweb reported this issue of iPhone X and provided several related reports toContinue reading “Why My iPhone X Can’t Hang Up”

Why and how to fix iPhone X screen not turning off

Apple has dealt with a number of hardware and software issues on iPhone X recently, including the defect causing Green line down side of iPhone X screen, getting hot too soon, no autofocus on iPhone X camera and several other problems. Even though Apple claimed that many problems currently occurred would be solved by updating toContinue reading “Why and how to fix iPhone X screen not turning off”

iPhone X Camera Can’t Focus Anymore After Update to 11.2

If you recently updated your iPhone X to iOS 11.2, it might go simply go back and forth and not focus on the subject when you try the camera. A user on MacRumors said since updating to 11.2, the camera of iPhone X has a huge issue focusing. Focus on the wide angle lens onlyContinue reading “iPhone X Camera Can’t Focus Anymore After Update to 11.2”

Can’t Install apps on iPhone X? Tell you how to install apps on iPhone X

You open this article, therefore, I believe you know why I’m writing an article with a title which can’t be understood by users of iPhone 8/8p/and versions before. It always says “Double Click to Install” on the screen, but click what? You will find the answer here. How to install apps on iPhone X? IfContinue reading “Can’t Install apps on iPhone X? Tell you how to install apps on iPhone X”

Does iPhone X Need Screen Protector?

Many people once buy a new iPhone or iPad, the next thing is to buy the screen protector for the gadget. They think screen protector could avoid scratches on the screen. So a variety of screen protectors are coming out, such as tempered glass screen protector, full coverage screen protector etc. Whether it is forContinue reading “Does iPhone X Need Screen Protector?”

How About iPhone X OLED Screen

As we know, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are LCD screen, while the iPhone X is Apple’s first iPhone with the OLED screen. Apple expressed that the OLED screen is tailor-made for the iPhone X. So, what is the characteristic of this Apple’s OLED screen?    This is Apple’s first attempt at OLED displayContinue reading “How About iPhone X OLED Screen”

How often to Qi wireless charge your iPhone X

iPhone X, 8 and 8 plus support Qi wireless charging, which brings a totally new lifestyle to Apple fans. Instead of taking 2 seconds to plug in a cable, just put your iPhone X on a charging pad and it starts to be refilled. How elegant and convenient it is. Although it is effortless to Qi chargingContinue reading “How often to Qi wireless charge your iPhone X”

How to fix iPhone X battery percentage bug

An iPhone X buyer, SJLee07, left a comment about his or her iPhone X battery percentage stuck on “My iPhone X battery percentage gets stuck while charging above 90%. it charges normally up till around 90% and it starts to slow down and get stuck at certain percentages. I’ve had it stuck at 93%,Continue reading “How to fix iPhone X battery percentage bug”

How to Fix iPhone X Weak Signal Issue

“It seems that the cellular signal strength on my iPhone X is weaker than that on my previous iPhone 7.” User Trodolak start a heated discussion on MacRumors with this doubt. Obviously, he is not the only one who notices the difference or the problem. Want to find a way to solve iPhone X weakContinue reading “How to Fix iPhone X Weak Signal Issue”