What is the Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X

This smartphone Galaxy S9 will play a crucial role for Samsung. Samsung needs a new flagship to prove that it is still the best company in hardware and software in the Android world, but also proves that Apple is not the oldest leader in smartphone design area. At the same time, Samsung will also have to face challenges from Huawei and other Chinese competitors.

Of all the problems need to be solved, the most important one is that Samsung needs to produce better products than the iPhone X in order to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers’ attention. Then let’s compare the difference between S9 and iPhone X.



For any high-end mobile phone, being able to take good pictures is one of the most valued features for consumers. Samsung equipped the S9 Plus with dual camera, a wide-angle camera and a zoom camera (like the iPhone X). Both cameras have a resolution of 12 million pixels, it’s also similar to the iPhone X.

The biggest difference between the two smartphones lies in the shooting in dark light. When you using S9 to shoot in dark light, it will take 12 pictures at the same time and then compose one picture with full details to minimize the noise of the pictures. Apple HDR capture mode takes 3 photos at the same time, and then synthesizes them to create a photo with richer detail and more balanced contrast.

Galaxy S9 camera’s most prominent feature is the variable aperture, its aperture can be freely switched from f1.5 to f2.4. The maximum aperture of the S9 is f1.5, which is better than the f1.8 of the iPhone X.


In addition to the camera, the other major difference is the design, The weight of the S9 is 163 grams, and the iPhone X is 174 grams. The screens of the two smartphones are quite different. In the real sense, the screen of Galaxy S9 is nearer to full screen, while the screen of iPhone X is not that perfect as everyone knows.


Apple has a tradition that they never allow consumers to use microSD card to expand storage. However, Galaxy S9 has this function, the built-in space of Galaxy S9 is 64GB, but it supports up to 400GB of a memory card. If you choose iPhone X, you can buy a maximum capacity of 256GB. If this storage is not enough for you to use, you need to use iCloud or other cloud services as a supplement.

However, the iPhone X has an advantage over the S9 is the more advanced unlocking. The Samsung S9 still uses the traditional fingerprint unlocking and iris recognition unlocking, but the iPhone X uses the face recognition to unlock that makes people feel more technological and futuristic. In addition, the fingerprint recognizer of the S9 is still placed on the back panel, and users may feel slightly inconvenient when used.

Overall, there are different advantages and disadvantages between iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, while both are the best choices in the current flagship handsets market. So which smartphone do you prefer? Tell me your thought below.

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