Why My iPhone X Can’t Hang Up

The iPhone X has fancy functions and features that stand for the future of smartphone. But you must get annoyed when it couldn’t perform basic functions. Hundreds of customers complained their iPhone X can’t answer incoming calls. In this January, Indian blog Piunikaweb reported this issue of iPhone X and provided several related reports to Forbes Magazine Golden Kelly, who later confirmed the authenticity of the reports. iPhone X problems include:

1. Can’t hang up

Apple is looking into the report of the iPhone X screen didn’t wake up so that could not answer the call, and now more users find they can’t hang up the calls. The problem seems related to the proximity sensor and software.

One of Piunikaweb reports shows that when the iPhone X is removed from the side of the ear, the iPhone X screen no longer lights up. In cases where the display does come back on, the red icon to disconnect the call becomes unresponsive.

2. Side effect

The side effect of not being able to hang up on iPhone X is that the iPhone X may call an emergency service (press and hold the wake/lock button and the volume keys for a few seconds). As a result, users unexpectedly found out that they blocked their emergency numbers in their country.

Some users complained that: “My iPhone X has just dialed 112 emergency service calls! Request to hang up the phone constantly appear, but I can do nothing.” Some complained: “I just bought the iPhone X today but it made a 911 emergency call twice in less than an hour and could not hang up. It’s horrible!”

An interim solution is to disable emergency service shortcuts: Settings – Emergency SOS – Auto Call – Turn Off. Of course, if you really need emergency service, it may not be useful to disable shortcuts to call them.

3. Exit the application

The third call-related bug doesn’t seem to be serious, and it incorrectly prevents iPhone X users from exiting the application during a call. Apple’s official support service discusses this issue with users on Twitter, but Apple’s policy has always been to protect privacy, so that means no follow-up messages appear online.

In the end, all of these questions indicate that we can expect Apple to launch a new iOS system to fix. In recent months, Apple has dealt with a number of iPhone X hardware and software issues. A defect causing green lines to appear on some displays, temporary unresponsiveness in cold temperatures, and the rear-facing camera failing to autofocus and so on. For these who want to get a new iPhone X, you need a deep consideration before the decision.

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  1. Any fix for the frozen iphone x hang up call yet ? Its getting to a point that i cant use the phone


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