Does iPhone X Need Screen Protector?

Many people once buy a new iPhone or iPad, the next thing is to buy the screen protector for the gadget. They think screen protector could avoid scratches on the screen. So a variety of screen protectors are coming out, such as tempered glass screen protector, full coverage screen protector etc. Whether it is for fear of the screen scratches or the inner lingering insecurity, the habit quickly spread like a butterfly effect since the birth of the touch-screen mobile phone, which becomes the current trend.

As the first iPhone equipped with an OLED screen, iPhone X’s screen performance has been the focus of many users since its launch. Although the OLED screen has the advantages of power saving, slim, fast response and excellent display, but its defects are equally obvious. The more beautiful the smartphone is, the more fragile it is. For the iPhone X is so outstanding in design, is it still necessary for us to prepare screen protector for it?

The new OLED screen design shows the picture even better, so when it gets scratches, you will be more distressed. iPhone X and iPhone 8 use the similar glass panel, and from the result of a scratch test, the screen scratch level reached only 6, and the general sandstone hardness has already reached 7. So if you do not want to make your iPhone X get scratches, a screen protector is quite necessary.

Then how to choose screen protector for your iPhone X? The tempered glass screen protector with exact hole is still the first choice for Apple users, good protection, not easy to have bubbles are the primary consideration for users.

At present the screen tolerance can not be completely avoided on the 2.5D screen, so the white edge of the screen still occur from time to time, users who are concerned about this issue I suggest you choose the full coverage screen protector.

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Queem full coverage tempered glass screen protector specifically designed for iPhone X. Ultra thin-0.25mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. Its surface hardness reaches to 9H and topped with oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

Maxboost tempered glass  is 100% touch accurate and compatible with 3D Touch. Protects your screen from scratches and can absorb impact. Coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers, the glass protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints, keeping your phone screen pristine all day long.

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