Why and how to fix iPhone X screen not turning off


Apple has dealt with a number of hardware and software issues on iPhone X recently, including the defect causing Green line down side of iPhone X screen, getting hot too soon, no autofocus on iPhone X camera and several other problems. Even though Apple claimed that many problems currently occurred would be solved by updating to the newest iOS operating system, customers still complained that new problems keep popping out, like the frozen screen which won’t turn off after update. 


Why your iPhone X not turning off and how to fix it?

Based on the feedback from iPhone X users, most of them encountered the frozen screen after updating to iOS 11. Chances are the screen suddenly became completely unresponsive to touch, even just made a call in the last minute, or having an issue where your iPhone X screen stays on after receiving a notification and not going back to sleep. Therefore, iPhone X screen won’t turn off by itself and the only way is to press the side button to manually turn off the screen. Which means the battery drains with the screen not automatically turning off if you don’t manually press the power button. 

This might be the bug of iOS 11 and later versions, good news is it only happens within limited groups, not widely expanded yet. How to fix it? Apple recommended try the basic troubleshooting steps :

  1. Quick press Volume Up.
  2. Quick press Volume Down.
  3. Hold Sleep/Wake side button until the Apple logo appears.


If it still doesn’t work, press and hold the side button and the Volume Down button simultaneously for about 10 to 20 seconds, then release it to wait for the Apple logo and restart process. Try several times before it completely gets restarted.

What if the screen is still not turning off? Make a full backup of your iPhone X, and follow the restore steps provided by Apple to restore your device to factory settings, and set it up as new, it will be recovered from the previous backup.

However, currently there are only a handful of comments to report such issues on the related forums and social media, Apple is likely collecting data from affected customers so that its engineers can investigate the matter, as it routinely does with any potential hardware or software issues, so contact Apple Support if you are affected. The issue likely can and will be addressed in a future software update. 

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Why and how to fix iPhone X screen not turning off》有2个想法

  1. If there are some apps working in sync with iCloud, your iPhone is possible to have the iPhone blue screen of death issue, for example the iWork. Therefore, to get rid of this problem, you can turn off the iCloud sync feature on your iPhone.

    Step 1. Go to Settings > iCloud on your iPhone.
    Step 2. Turn off the “Numbers, Pages and Keynote” sync feature.

  2. If you are worried about data lost or data damage when enabling DFU mode to fix your iPhone issue, or you are hoping to fix your iPhone problem safely and automatically, you can totally rely on the a professional third-party tool called iOS System Recovery. With it, you cam easily fix iPhone blue screen of death without data lost.


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