Why iPad says not charging?

Why iPad says not charging? Have you ever met the occasion that iPad says not charging? (No matter which version has the same problem) Why? Before contacting Apple for help, you should read the article that offers some steps to make your iPad say yes.   1. USB ports are wrong for iPad Sometimes, weContinue reading “Why iPad says not charging?”

Codes and Giveaways: Win the Max or Min Power Banks for the coming iPhone 5se

Max 20000mAh Monster Power Bank VS Min 3350mAh Power Bank with flashlight .   Are you waiting for iPhone 7? Not iPhone 6C, not iPhone 7, here is the iPhone 5se in 2016 spring. OK,  then what is iPhone 5se? According to sources who have used the upcoming iPhone with a 4-inch display. Apple may launch a new device and useContinue reading “Codes and Giveaways: Win the Max or Min Power Banks for the coming iPhone 5se”

Best Power banks for iPhone 5se

  Though iPhone 5se is still not released, rumors about it have ramped out recently, among which the release date will be early March this year.   Though we can’t make sure that what battery capacity of iPhone 5se will be, at least there’s a point we could make sure is that iPhone 5se’s batteryContinue reading “Best Power banks for iPhone 5se”

iPhone 7? Nope, it’s iPhone 5se

At any time, rumors about iPhone’s next generation is what tech news focuses on. While since the 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhones came out, there have been rumors suggesting  Apple would plan to introduce a new 4-inch device, both more affordable and smaller in size. And rumors about that have ramped up recently.    So whatContinue reading “iPhone 7? Nope, it’s iPhone 5se”